The 5 lifestyle trends set to take 2022 by storm

The 5 lifestyle trends set to take 2022 by stormPhoto by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
Every year comes with its own unique trends, but new styles have been watered down by pandemic living. Less social activity means fewer opportunities to exchange or show off new ideas.
2022 promises to be the year that new trends come back with a bang, though. We’re already seeing the creative ideas that have been hidden away by two years of intermittent lockdowns. Here are five of the best of them.
The stress of pandemic living has affectedeach person differently. Some of us throw ourselves into work to regain a sense of control, others spend more time with friends and family. One habit that we could all benefit from, though, is mindfulness – and it’s set to become extremely popular over the next 12 months.
To sum up, mindfulness is simply a peaceful awareness of our thoughts, and the world around us. It encompasses meditation, healthy eating and relaxation,as these are all activities that contributetowards being mindful.
In an article about the growing popularity of mindfulness, wellness coach Justin Michael Williams talks about the practice becoming a necessity in 2022, rather than a luxury. Maybe now’s the time to look into mindfulness guides.

A focus on retro
The concept of retro isn’t new, of course. It’s existed in fashion for decades, and influences industries that you wouldn’t think of: the retro food trade is big in some places – when people come up with nostalgic treats from their childhood – while car shows often have a retro section where attendees can test ride motors of yesteryear.
2022 is set to see an increase in demand for retro and vintage, with elements of it appearing in the fashion and music industries. A prime example is the chunky sneakers we’re now seeing in High Street shops; a style that first became popular in the 1980s.
Expect to see retro trends take society by storm as we remember the past with nostalgia brought on by the pandemic.
A happy home space
A side-effect of working from home during the pandemic has been a focus on making happy home spaces; filling our houses with things that make us happy. Yet, despite spending more time online than ever, the upcoming changes may not typically be tech-related.
2022’s happy home stuff will revolve around traditional items, like plants and books. We all know the studies about the calming effects of plants, but many of us are also leaning towards the more placid nature of paper books.
It makes sense: online, we tend to digest information because we HAVE to, because it might save us time or money: we might read about 10 ways to fix a kitchen sink, so we don’t have to pay a plumber, or study an introduction guide to online casinos, so we don’t stupidly lose cash while trying our luck.
Reading paper books, on the other hand, is often because we’re genuinely interested in them, and need a quiet moment away from the chaos of modern living.
The stress of a pandemic has made us look away from tech for a moment, and it might end up improving our lives.
Eco-friendly living
The release of the Cop26 report in 2021 served as confirmation that the climate crisis is well and truly here. It’s triggered a widespread response across most countries, with a new focus on sustainable living.
Better education on eco-awareness means people are becoming more aware of the contributing factors of climate change. This includes the fashion industry where ‘fast fashion’, and its wasteful use of material and energy, is swiftly falling in popularity. There is also an emphasis on sensible living: recycling, minimising energy consumption and reusing unrenewable materials.
The changing public mindset has had an impact on fashion manufacturers. There are now more sustainable practices than ever as firms make the production process more efficient and take steps to reduce waste. The demand for eco-friendly clothing is also set to rocket.
Big colors
Bright and bold colours are back in fashion. After black had its time in the limelight a couple of years back, a kaleidoscope of colours has hit the fashion world.
It’s what writer Isabel Sloane called the ‘spirit of experimentation’ as people enter a post-restriction world where they are free to socialise however they want once again. People are dressing as if each day is their last, and celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have both recently made public appearances wearing larger-than-life colours. Kelly green, the colour of Rihanna’s coat in this case, has been called the ‘colour of now’ by Elle magazine.
Colours also make us feel good, according to studies. So expect 2022 to leave behind the black-and-white look of past years and embrace the rainbow.

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