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Portable’s ex-signee, Manny Monie finally smiles as his colleague, GOE sends him 1 million naira out of the N20M Wizkid gifted him after he went online to call him out. NigezieXtreme recalls that Machala had wired GOE 20 million naira for praising him in a song.

wizkid manny monie goe N1m

Manny Monie However, Manny Monie had gone online to call out his friend, as he recalls that it had been the three of them who released the said song, and he feels unhappy that he doesn’t get a share of the cash. His colleague has made him sing a new song, as he gifts him 1 million naira out of the sum. A video online shows Manny Monie praising his friend for the cash that he was given as he showed of the alert of the cash gift. Watch the video below …

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