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How Stomach Ulcers Can Be Cured In Five Ways

How Stomach Ulcers Can Be Cured In Five Ways


They may be easily cured, but they can become severe without proper treatment. The hallmark symptom of a stomach ulcer is a burning sensation in the abdominal region that can last for few hours. Stomach ulcers are often misinterpreted as being heartburn.

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Stress and diet are also believed to play a role in the development of a stomach ulcer. Stomach ulcers affect more women than men and typically occur in ages 60 and over.

Purpose of a Stomach Ulcer Diet
The importance of consuming certain foods at most times if one is prone to ulcer is to reduce the irritating effects that the acidic juices has impart on the lining on the gastrointestinal tract and also reduce the digastric juices and prevent some of the uncomfortable side effects of a stomach ulcer.

Know when to eat
Eating small meals divided over the course of the day,eat three hours before going to bed; even a small pre-bedtime snack is discouraged.

Know How to Eat

When sitting down to eat, take your time and chew your food slowly and completely. Eating too quickly or in a frenzied manner can incite stomach discomfort. After you eat, it is also encouraged to sit up comfortably for at least one hour.
Foods and Behaviors to Avoid

It is recommended to avoid alcohol or consume alcohol in small amounts and preferably on a full stomach. caffeinated an decaffeinated coffees as well as tea and carbonated drinks can all bring on symptoms of a stomach ulcer It is best to stick to flat beverages like water, flavored water.If you feel that one kind of food brings on pain such as spicy food, then it is best to avoid it.