"It seems you're not the owner"

Popular crossdresser, Idris Okuneye a.k.a Bobrisky, triggered mixed feelings online after he disclosed that he will be moving into his N400 million mansion before Christmas.
The crossdresser’s announcement follows inquisition by his fans who have repeatedly expressed concern over his decision not to move into the new house.

Sequel to this, some persons including reports had speculated that the crossdresser isn’t the owner of the house.
To this end, Bobrisky made a video in this regard on Monday, noting that he doesn’t want to rush into the house, and that he will move into the house before the festive season.
Watch Video Below [Swipe Left To Watch]

The video which the crossdresser thought would calm nerves, triggered speculations as critics jumped at it, alleging that if he were the true owner of the house, he wouldn’t wait till December to pack in.
@Lebaway write: “Something fishy is going on. We will know the truth.”
@Debirah: “You are buying time for yourself. We know you are not the owner,  but it won’t help, better pack in ooo..

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