Lady who lied to boyfriend about being a virgin, seeks advice as her boyfriend takes her to meet his parents

A Nigerian lady has cried out on social media for help after lying to her boyfriend that she has never slept with a man in her entire life.
According to her, she kept the secret from her boyfriend for a long time, but was forced to let it out after he took her to see his parents.

She narrated,
“I met my boyfriend three years ago and when we met, I was all over him and I loved him so much till now. I feel like I’m going crazy.

The problem is that this love pushed me to lie to him that I was a virgin. He tried touching me when we met, and I told him I’m not ready for anything intimate because I’m a virgin which is a lie.
I have slept with so many men and my V-j is too loose. I felt he will leave me if he does something with me so I lied that I’m a virgin.
He was so happy and he has been dating me since then. We only kiss, touch ourselves and he doesn’t go further because he believes I’m saving myself for marriage.
Wahala burst three weeks ago when he took me to see his parents. After all the introduction, I was bathing and overheard him telling his mother I’m a virgin with happiness and his mother was excited that they found a good daughter in-law.
I began to cry inside the bathroom and say I don’t think I can do this anymore. They heard my cry and began to knock. I came out crying and opened up in front of everybody that I’m not a virgin and I’ve slept with many men.
They looked at me with so much disappointment. They didn’t chase me away but their actions made me uncomfortable and I had to carry my bags and leave. My boyfriend didn’t say anything. He allowed me to leave. I was thinking he would stop me. Since then I haven’t heard from him and I’m so scared. What will I do?”

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