Man reveals how lady embarrassed him in a bus after paying tfare for her

A Nigerian man has narrated how a mother embarrassed him inside a bus after he paid transport fare for herself and her children.

In his words,
“I was standing at bus stop waiting for bus and this woman came with her three small children, begging that I should pay their tfare. She said she spent all her money and nothing to pay for their transport. Tfare with all her children N300 for two seats.
Okay o. I agreed. We finally saw bus and we entered. We reach first bus stop, madam call gala. I overlook am. Na just N100.

We reach second bus stop, madam order two lacasera and two gala. That’s 500. Total of N600. I mad. I look her…. Madam, wetin be this? shebi you say you no get money to pay for your transport.
If you see bad eye wey this woman give me? I wan cry. As she look me finish, she ask me………. “So my children no go chop because you give me money? Oya carry microphone announce am na?”.
Na so I keep quiet face front. Na me go help mad woman.”

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