Harrison Chinedu Breaks Guinness World Record

Harrison Chinedu Breaks Guinness World Record

Cambodia-based Nigerian footballer, Harrison Chinedu breaks Guinness world record after riding 64 miles (103km) with ball balanced on his head.

A footballer achieved a remarkable feat by breaking a Guinness World record by cycling 64 miles with a football balanced on his head.

The Cambodia-based Nigerian player identified as, Harrison Chinedu, rode his bicycle with a ball on his head, starting at the beach to the National stadium, Surulere, with fans, drivers and passers-by, sing and cheering him on.

According to Daily Post, Chinedu had attempted the feat earlier this year but fell short of his mark after 30 miles.

After several rehearsals and training, Chinedu made up his mind to attempt the feat again and hit his mark this time around.

He said, “My biggest motivation was that I believe in showcasing my God-given talent. I know I have the skill and I want to show the world what I can do.

“This one is a record created by me and I am happy that I have done my own side. And it’s left for the Guinness World Records to ratify it and bring back results.”

The video clip is indeed remarkable and should be lauded.

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