R Kelly ‘s Bail Saviour Wants Her Money Back, But the Judge won’t agree. #NXLifestyle

Back in February, a mysterious person posted $100,000 for R. Kelly’s bail, which was enough of the full $1 million for him to get out of jail at the time.

That person was eventually identified as Valencia Love, and now she wants her money back. Love’s lawyer filed a motion in Cook County Circuit Court last week to try to recover it, but the presiding judge said not today, according to reporting by the Chicago Sun-Times.

(It’s possible the money could be returned to her when the court proceedings are finished, but that’s potentially years away.)

The thing is, though, she’s not turning her back on the singer accused of many rapes and sexual assaults. “At no point have I ever supported a pedophile,” Love told the paper. “He has not been convicted yet. Why is it so bad that I did a favor for a friend?”

Kelly, she says, actually paid her back months ago, and the bail money was just a short-term loan while he didn’t have access to his cash. Apparently, she’s trying to get it now so she can reinvest it in his defense “to cover his legal costs and other expenses.”