Mike Dean the referee that officiated at the West Ham VS Man United match was tagged ‘attention seeking’ after ‘rank-bad’ refereeing mistakes by Niall Quinn on Sunday after the match official controversially sent off West Ham midfielder, Sofiane Feghouli.

The red was the fifth time Dean has shown already this season and his decision to show Feghouli a straight red card was called ‘rank-bad’ by the former Sunderland and Arsenal striker.

Ten-man West Ham were unable to keep Manchester United following the 15th minute sending off, eventually losing 2-0 at the London Stadium.

“He got it disgracefully wrong in my opinion. It’s a heavy touch which sets it up as Jones comes running out. He {Feghouli} reaches in to try and lift ball he doesn’t go studs high to do Jones,” said Quinn.

“This fella does it time and time again. I try very hard doing this job to understand how difficult it is for referees and not just jump on the bandwagon, but time and time again I look at this guy Mike Dean and his arrogance alone and I suppose running the show and looking the part it puts me off.

“I think it hasn’t helped the referee in his decision when he looks around and sees Jones doing three rolls. His position, I think he’s blocked a little bit from the body of Feghouli and I think he probably guesses a bit that he’s gone in studded on Jones,” Quinn added.

“I wouldn’t be happy with a yellow (for Feghouli). I said to the fourth official and Mourinho it’s not a yellow. If it was yellow I’d say: why so early in game for nothing? It’s Feghouli who very rarely makes a foul,” said Bilic

“After the game, I saw it again and it gave me proof I’m right. The more times I’ve seen it, it’s the other way round. It was Jones who made a more dangerous tackle than Feghouli. Jones makes a scissor, he got the ball, but it was dangerous. It was definitely not a red card (for Feghouli).”


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