Lady creates scene at mall as she unlocks her inner Jackie Chan to fight while wearing VR glasses

Lady VR glasses scene mall fight

Lady VR glasses scene mall fight

Young lady causes buzz as she creates a scene at a mall while playing a Virtual Reality game while putting on a VR glasses that made everything seem real. The young lady put on the VR glass and as soon as the experience changed, she swooped into action.

Lady fighting VR glasses mall

Lady playing virtual reality game. She began executing some fighting moves to fight off an imaginary opponent in the game. Her friends who couldn’t control their laughter were busy recording her. The spectacle caught the attention of others in the mall and they stood to watch the drama. @elizabeth penned: “I don laugh enter crispdal room 😂” @MARYAM❄️❄️ remarked: “Me fighting with my spiritual bf so he can allow those ones in life stays with me forever 😫🥴” @mirable 💙 wrote: “And I was screaming Kung fu master 😂😂😂” @PreorderBridge stated: “This is really embarrassing and fun at the same time😹😹😹😹” @complexityy❤🤗 said: “i kept on watching and the more i watched the harder i laughed😂😂😂girl was really fighting for her life with her kung fu moves😂😂😂” Watch the video below … @queensplashcakes1 Omo i nearly faint 😂😂😂😂😂 i thought it was real ooo 😂😂😂😂#queensplashcakes #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #trend #goviral #foryourpage #makemefamous #fyp #laughoutloud😂 #funnyvid🤣😂 😂😂😂 splash ooo 😂😂😂 ♬ original sound – TheJuniorKing

#BBnaijaReunion: How I felt when Whitemoney picked interest in Jackie B immediately after I exited the house

Whitemoney Michael Jackie b reunion

Whitemoney Michael Jackie b reunionReality star, Michael has opened up on how he felt after Whitemoney picked interest in his love interest, Jackie B after he exited the house.
He made this disclosure during the first night of the reunion show after the popular show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu threw the question at him.
Ebuka had asked if he felt a bit bad over Whitemoney’s move towards Jackie B after he left the show and replying, Michael said he didn’t feel bad at all.Whitemoney Michael Jackie b reunion
Michael went on to assert that Whitemoney is his guy and he understands everything that played out while the show was going on. He also stated that he’s cool with it and there’s basically no need cause to worry.
Whitemoney on the other hand could be seen giving a big thumbs up to Michael following the statement he made.

“You’re embarrassing every mankind” – Jackie B’s son slams mother for twerking on Instagram (Video)

"You're embarrassing every mankind" - Jackie B's son slams mother for twerking on Instagram (Video)

Popular reality star, Jackie B, was left in shock by the exchange with her son, Nathan, in an attempt to caution her from twerking on Instagram.
jackie b son

The mother of one while trying to make a promotional video for a fitness brand decided to add a little spice by twerking.
However, her 10-year-old son engaged his mother in a dialogue on the need for the dance move which triggered Jackie B to ask if she was embarrassing him for doing so.

“No, but you’re embarrassing every mankind,” Nathan replied as Jacki B stood in shock for a few seconds to catch her lost breath.
Watch the video below …