Pressing high is non negotiable

Pressing high is non negotiable

James Maddison has revealed that Tottenham are winning their games because of coach Ange Postecoglou tactics of high-pressing. The former Leicester City man scored in Spurs 2-0 victory over Fulham, said Postecoglou warned the team on his first day of training to never defend goals so much, but always go for high pressing in their games, no matter the situation. Maddison said, “Postecoglou told us on his first day that pressing high is a non-negotiable at any stage of the game.” Postecoglou’s approach is a departure from Tottenham’s style of play, as Maddison noted.

Pressing high is non negotiable - Maddison reveals Postecoglou tactics at Spurs

Son Heung-Min and James Maddison – Getty image “He said after pre-season game, ‘that’s how Tottenham have been in the past trying to protect a lead, but under me it’s a non-negotiable point to keep going.’” Tottenham fans unarguably, have embraced life under Postecoglou who assumed the managerial role just 140 days ago, as confirmed by Fabrizio Romano. He now holds the record for the most points accumulated by a Premier League manager in their first nine games. NigezieXtreme had earlier reported that the attacking duo of Son Heung-Min and Maddison have so far proved to be a unique combination for Spurs. Son has netted seven goals in nine games, while Maddison has contributed three goals and five assists. Tottenham currently top the Premier League table with 23 points, while maintaining an unbeaten record.

Groom pressing phone on wedding day sparks outrage (Video)

Groom pressing phone on wedding day sparks outrage (Video)

Social media users criticize a groom for disrespecting his bride by pressing his phone while walking the aisle on their wedding day. The controversy stems from a video captured during their church wedding, where the groom appeared to be completely engrossed in his phone while he and the bride exited the premises.

Groom seen pressing phone on wedding day sparks outrage (Video)

Groom pressing phone with exiting the aisle. Credit: Thingsdeyoccur / Instagram Despite the bride’s presence, the groom gave undivided attention to his smartphone, only briefly extending his hand to her as they embarked on their walk together. Interestingly, the bride seemed unfazed by his divided attention and willingly held hands with him as they departed. However, even outside the premises, the groom quickly returned his focus to his phone, stealing only a fleeting glance at his bride before doing so.

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Groom pressing phone with exiting the aisle with bride. Credit: Thingsdeyoccur / Instagram Reactions trailing groom pressing phone on wedding day @Mac_Roberts penned: “This man won’t ever get that moment back……. And she’ll never forget it. Dam.n shame.” @JohnSmi01534541 wrote: “Sidechick sleeps around too so its all kool. The wife will just find someone to sleep with too.” @ADS_ZAR said: “The Text: “Sidechick: Haybo did you just post pictures of you getting married, what about our 5 year relationship ???
“The Reply: “Groom: Yes, I’m getting married but its not that serious. You know I only love you babe I will see you tonight love .” @Modipadi_W said: “What a 10 past 4 is this‍♀️ Women tolerate rubbish, on her wedding day and he’s busy chatting, mxm!” @jayr_peter said: “I don’t care whosoever is texting you. “This behavior is totally not acceptable.” @TheKahimaZ said: “This one is called red flag pro max. But because we want weddings more than our mental health, she’s yet to testify to her ancestors how it’s going down.”  Watch the video below …

Man offers millions to anyone who can sell old pressing iron to him

Man offers millions to anyone who can sell old pressing iron to him

A Nigerian man identified as Olakanmie has promised to pay N4.6 million to anyone who sells an old pressing iron to him. The businessman shared a video on his TikTok page revealing the particular attribute the old iron must possess before it can be sold to him.

Not only was he interested in old pressing iron, but he also wanted one that could easily attract magnetic objects. In a video, he used a magnetic coin to place on several old pressing irons and the coin got stuck on the body of the iron. While sharing the clip, he offered N4.6 million to anyone who could provide the iron for him. See the video below: @olakanmiegolddeni dm if you have these olden days iron. am paying good price Dm on WhatsApp +2349038228396 #tiktok #tik_tok #oldendays $10,000 ♬ original sound – Richie Holakanmi

“I will be pressing your necks real bad”

"I will be pressing your necks real bad"

Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold, has finally replied trolls who have been accusing him of copying Burna Boy’s fashion style. Reacting to the allegation, an unbothered Adekunle took to his Instagram story to state emphatically that they should get ready for more oppression.

He said: “I just want to announce that this is the year that I will be pressing your necks real bad. Get ready!” Adekunle Gold has been under fire lately for different reasons. Apart from his fashion sense, his music video for “Party No Dey Stop” also received backlash from fans who felt that it failed to convey the message of non-stop partying that the song promotes. Some Twitter users condemned the use of excessive colours in the video and questioned why a party-themed song was shot in the bush. Watch the video below:

Groom spotted busy pressing phone on wedding day


Reactions have trailed a video of a man who was busy operating his phone during his wedding ceremony. The couple who had completed their church wedding were seen holding their wedding reception.

When it was time to cut the cake, the groom was seen operating his phone while his wife stood before the cake with knife in hand. The MC of the event could be heard addressing the groom who seemed completely preoccupied with his phone. Watch the video below; The video has sparked reactions online; I.tobiloba wrote: “This is both embarrassing and painful. If he’s this preoccupied with his phone on his wedding day, I’m curious what the days after the wedding will be like in their lifetime together.” _vivienne wrote: “He was checking up on his guests he texted us to know if we were alright or if we needed anything….this false narrative for trend should stop” adobi_ik wrote: “Trust, he is reassuring his side chick that nothing has changed”