“I know the boys that fund you” – Dan Dizzy blows hot as he threatens to spill if he’s provoked (Video)


Popular singer, Dan Dizzy rants as he threatens to spill secrets about the men funding Caramel Plugg and other ladies who recently appeared on her podcast.

Dan Dizzy Caramel Plugg podcast

A long-drawn out beef has been witnessed this past few days after Dan Dizzy lambasted Caramel Plugg and her co-hosts over a comment that stirred great controversy. It would be recalled that the comedienne who is known for creating contents in her signature bonnet said that women have different men who attend to their various needs. As they continue to throw shades at each other, Dan dizzy in a live chat with his Instagram followers said that women these days have normalized being a hooker.

According to him, women try to get money through various ways; some use friendship, some love but the goal remains to elicit monetary rewards from men. He said that he rolls with big celebrities and knows a lot about these ladies. Ranting, he cautioned the ladies not to provoke him into spilling the beans as he knows all the men who are bankrolling them. Watch him speak below;