"Do you men even know how to bathe babies?" - Pastor challenges fathers to care for their babies inside church

"Do you men even know how to bathe babies?" - Pastor challenges fathers to care for their babies inside churchGistReel
In an entertaining event organized by the Holy Land Prayer Ministry Onitsha, a Nigerian pastor challenged fathers to showcase their parenting skills in a lively baby bathing competition, leaving onlookers amused and impressed.
The church organized a special program where four men were called upon to showcase their babysitting skills by bathing and dressing their infants.

A video capturing the event was shared on Facebook, quickly gaining attention and sparking reactions from netizens.
The participants, given bowls of water and baby supplies, were tasked with the challenge of proving that they could competently care for their babies, replicating the tasks typically associated with mothers.

The competition turned into a spirited display of parenting prowess, with each man striving to complete the tasks accurately and efficiently.
One participant notably stood out for his speed and dexterity. The other three fathers followed suit, each showcasing their unique styles and degrees of success in the challenge.
Netizens Reactions
Ofodile Gloria said; “The second man is my winner because he was careful with the child.”
Celina Cyril Olanrewaju said; “The man in green did best because of the way he is handling the baby with so much love and care.”
Chukwu Sandra said; “The man on yellow stripped material is used to the chore, and the baby is so comfortable with the dad bathing her.”
Kabirat Abubakry Sulaimon said; “I love the way the man in green carefully handles the baby.”
Onyinye Lovable said; “The man on green scored 100/100. In fact, he learned work from his mother. Kudos to him.”
Christ Iyke said; “I rate this couples program the best ever. Very interesting.”
Blessing Smart said; “This is lovely.” 
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