Priest challenges Chidinma Ekile to show proof she was born blind

Priest blind sight Chidinma Ekile

A Nigerian Germany-based catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Dr. Angelo Chidi Unegbu reaches out to popular singer Chidinma Ekile to show proof of her claim that she was once blind and her sight was restored through prayers. The reverend took to his Facebook page to make the appeal while dropping details on how the musician can reach him, following her recent revelation.

Priest blind sight Chidinma Ekile

Reverend Fr., Angelo Chidi Unegbu. According to him, he and his team had put out a challenge targeted at determining whether people’s claim of restored sight through prayers is true.

Priest blind sight Chidinma Ekile

Chidinma Ekile. He sought to know how, when and if truly she was once blind and where the sight was restored. The priest added that he would be investigating her mother since she was the one who had prayed for the restoration of her sight. He wrote … “TO MS. CHIDINMA EKILE Dear Ms. Chidinma Ekile, I saw your video where you told the world that you were born blind but later received your sight when your mother went on her knees to God in prayer. To convince the doubting Thomases, I will please request that you give us permission to interview your mother, the hospital where you were born, the name and address of the hospital, and the doctor or doctors that confirmed you blind after birth and the cause of the blindness. We would also like to know whether you went back to the hospital or went to a doctor or doctors that confirmed you were blind after receiving your sight. If yes, may we know them as well? Our medical team will carry out the investigations as soon as we receive the required details. Please contact me via my email, [email protected]. Thanks Rev. Fr. Dr. Angelo Chidi Unegbu I am a Catholic priest who is based in Germany. My Facebook page is ‘Fada Angelo Chidi Unegbu’. I am interested in your case because last year we put up the challenge of searching for any visually impaired person who has ever received his or her sight after a man or woman of God prayed or laid hands on him or her, but no one showed up. Although in your own case it was your mother who prayed, the investigations will still help in clearing the air to a reasonable extent on claims of miraculously restoring the sight of the blind being made by some of our men and women of God in Nigeria. Please help to share this message until it gets to Ms. Chidinma. Fada Angelo Chidi Unegbu”

“Do you men even know how to bathe babies?” – Pastor challenges fathers to care for their babies in front of everyone in church

"Do you men even know how to bathe babies?" - Pastor challenges fathers to care for their babies inside church

"Do you men even know how to bathe babies?" - Pastor challenges fathers to care for their babies inside churchGistReel
In an entertaining event organized by the Holy Land Prayer Ministry Onitsha, a Nigerian pastor challenged fathers to showcase their parenting skills in a lively baby bathing competition, leaving onlookers amused and impressed.
The church organized a special program where four men were called upon to showcase their babysitting skills by bathing and dressing their infants.

A video capturing the event was shared on Facebook, quickly gaining attention and sparking reactions from netizens.
The participants, given bowls of water and baby supplies, were tasked with the challenge of proving that they could competently care for their babies, replicating the tasks typically associated with mothers.

The competition turned into a spirited display of parenting prowess, with each man striving to complete the tasks accurately and efficiently.
One participant notably stood out for his speed and dexterity. The other three fathers followed suit, each showcasing their unique styles and degrees of success in the challenge.
Netizens Reactions
Ofodile Gloria said; “The second man is my winner because he was careful with the child.”
Celina Cyril Olanrewaju said; “The man in green did best because of the way he is handling the baby with so much love and care.”
Chukwu Sandra said; “The man on yellow stripped material is used to the chore, and the baby is so comfortable with the dad bathing her.”
Kabirat Abubakry Sulaimon said; “I love the way the man in green carefully handles the baby.”
Onyinye Lovable said; “The man on green scored 100/100. In fact, he learned work from his mother. Kudos to him.”
Christ Iyke said; “I rate this couples program the best ever. Very interesting.”
Blessing Smart said; “This is lovely.” 
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GWR challenges Hilda Baci to beat Alan Fisher’s 119-hour record

Guinness World Record Hilda Baci Irish chef Alan Fisher 119 hours 57 minutes

Guinness World Record Hilda Baci Irish chef Alan Fisher 119 hours 57 minutes

Guinness World Record challenges Hilda Baci to break Irish chef, Alan Fisher’s 119 hours, 57 minutes record Guinness World Records has formally inquired with Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci, about her plans to attempt breaking Alan Fisher’s 119 hours and 57 minutes record. This record was recently achieved by Alan Fisher, an Irish chef, who cooked for an impressive 119 hours and 57 minutes, surpassing the previous record of 93 hours and 11 minutes held by Hilda Baci.

Guinness World Record Hilda Baci Irish chef Alan Fisher 119 hours 57 minutes record

Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci. Guinness World Records used the comment section of a post made by Hilda Baci, where she congratulated Alan Fisher for his remarkable 119-hour and 57-minute cooking feat, to pose this question. Hilda Baci had previously expressed her admiration for Alan Fisher’s achievement on her social media platform. She wrote, “Huge congratulations to Alan Fisher! 119 hours and 57 minutes is a tremendous accomplishment, and I wish him all the best as the new world record holder!” Shortly after this, Guinness World Records commented on the post, inquiring when Hilda Baci intends to make her own attempt to break the 119-hour and 57-minute record set by Irish chef, Alan Fisher. The statement read: “Will we see you reattempt one day?” SEE POST:

Parents of America’s first all-female quintuplets narrate challenges in raising six daughters

Parents of America's first all-female quintuplets narrate challenges in raising six daughters

Adam and Danielle Busby, parents of America’s first all-female quintuplets have narrated the challenges they have faced in raising their daughters while revealing that they spend up to $1,000 a week on groceries. The OutDaughtered stars on TLC, had their first daughter, Blayke, who’s 12 years now before they welcomed their quintuplets in 2015 and they became the first-ever American parents to give birth to all-girl quints.

Parents of America's first all-female quintuplets narrate challenges in raising six daughters

The quintuplets, parents and their first daughter Speaking exclusively to about their daily lives eight years after welcoming their little girls, the married couple opened up about dealing with critics online, how they work through financial strains and revealed why they made the decision to bring their show titled ‘OutDaughtered’ back to TLC. Danielle explained: ‘It felt weird to not have cameras around to capture life while we were off because we were so used to it. But I feel like we know what we’re doing now. We haven’t really skipped a beat.’ She said the kids themselves became a major catalyst for the family’s decision to return to TLC. Danielle recalled: ‘They were so used to seeing our crew, and soon they would just simply ask, “Where’s Uncle Brad? Where are the cameras? When are they coming back?” ‘I think because they started to understand that to see themselves on TV, you have to film. So they started to realize that, “Well if we’re not filming things, what are we going to watch?”… It was a unanimous decision to bring the cameras back.’ Adam, 41, added: ‘What’s cool about this season is that every single one of the girls wears a mic now. They’re major parts of this show now, holding conversations and being more involved in stuff. It’s been a lot of fun.’ As viewers of the show would know, raising six children between the ages of eight to 12 is no simple task, and Danielle admitted the couple often still feel as ‘overwhelmed’ as they did when they first welcomed their quints. ‘I think we still feel overwhelmed all the time,’ she laughed. ‘We look around and it’s like, “Okay, this is it. This is for real, we have six kids”. Life can still be overwhelming but I think we just have to go with what we have at the moment. You can only do so much and we are outnumbered. We’re out daughtered!” ‘We’re spending anywhere from $800 to $1,000 a week just on the grocery shopping to everything that’s got to be done for sports and their lunches. I mean, it’s expensive.’ Danielle added: ‘Laundry day in our house, it’s everyday! It’s 10 minutes to the hour, every hour.’ Meanwhile, the pair are no strangers to the criticism they face online from other parents who don’t agree with filming their kids at such a young age, Adam explained: ‘You have to figure out if somebody that’s just unhappy and being a hater. If so, then just block and delete. We want to separate ourselves from anyone that’s trying to rob us of joy in life. ‘But if it’s something that is a legit accusation, then I’ll step up and respond and defend ourselves. Say why we made that decision or whatever. Just explain our point of view with it. If they still want to just like be a hater or just like accuse you of something that’s untrue, then get it out of there.’

Alleged side chick challenges baby mama to fist fight

Baby mama side chick

A video capturing a humorous incident involving a baby mama, her baby daddy, and an unidentified woman has surfaced on the internet, eliciting a variety of funny reactions from viewers. In the video, a woman who claims to be the mother of the baby approached her boyfriend’s car with suspicions that he was cheating on her with another woman inside.

Baby mama

Upon noticing her approaching, the young man stepped out of the car in an attempt to defuse the situation. However, the baby mama was not interested in his efforts and forcefully moved him aside to get a better view of the alleged other woman. Eventually, the door on the driver’s side of the car swung open from the inside, and a physically fit lady emerged to find out what was happening and why the baby mama was causing a commotion. Initially, the baby mama seemed angry and ready for a confrontation, but her demeanor quickly changed when she saw the well-built lady who had just stepped out of the car.

Baby mama and alleged side chick

To everyone’s surprise, the well-built lady gestured for a physical altercation, seemingly challenging the baby mama to a fight. However, instead of accepting the challenge, the baby mama decided to retreat and swiftly ran away to seek cover. See some reactions below: Chuka: “But the Superman woman de shapeless, how would the guy choose that over bunda, howwwwwww ??” Eze: ” People can get replaced no matter who you are. Hahahahahah” Godwinjnr: “Run oo” Solomon: “Wahala don jam trouble” Akin: “How you go leave someone like that and go for bodybuilder” WATCH VIDEO:  Wait for it.😭😭 — Naija (@Naija_PR) July 2, 2023

Funke Akindele throws subtle shade at colleague amidst movie promotion challenges

Funke Akindele throws subtle shade at colleague amidst movie promotion challenges

Nollywood actress and renowned box office queen, Funke Akindele, recently took to social media to address a subtle shade at a fellow colleague in the industry, prompting speculation that the intended recipient might be Toyin Abraham. The reported reason behind the veiled remark was Toyin Abraham’s supposed difficulty in promoting her movie, “Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper,” on Netflix due to her support for BAT.

Funke Akindele throws subtle shade at colleague amidst movie promotion challenges

A photo of Nollywood actress Funke Akindele, who threw shade at a colleague. Photo Credit: @funkeakindele Source: Instagram According to a report, a prominent entertainment news platform, Toyin Abraham faced obstacles while attempting to generate buzz and publicity for her film, possibly as a result of her political affiliations. Funke Akindele, known for her outspoken nature, issued a cautionary message on a micro-blogging platform, advising the individual in question to desist from coveting others’ successes for nefarious purposes. Funke Akindele’s advice implored her unnamed colleague to instead appreciate and pray for her own opportunities to arise, without harboring envy towards others. She emphasized that the sky is vast enough for every bird to strive and achieve their own sustenance, implying that there is ample room for success for everyone willing to put in the effort. She wrote; “Chop your own and I chop my own. The sky is big for every bird wey fit hustle to fly and chop their own. No dey look another man own for evil. You fit admire and pray for your own to come but no dey envy. Na waste of energy.” While the exact target of Funke Akindele’s message remains undisclosed, speculations have been rife that Toyin Abraham might be the recipient, given the reported challenges she faced in promoting her film. However, it should be noted that these claims remain unverified. As of now, neither Funke Akindele nor Toyin Abraham have made any public statements to clarify or respond to the incident, leaving fans and industry observers to draw their own conclusions. See below;

Yul Edochie reacts to Judy Austin’s post about facing challenges


Veteran actor, Yul Edochie, has reacted after his second wife, Judy Austin, shared a post to console him about the challenges he’s currently facing. In the post which she shared via her Instagram account, she described her husband as a great man, while noting that great men face great challenges.

"Your concern over my son’s death is overwhelming" — Yul Edochie appreciates fans

She went ahead to shower prayers on her husband as she advised him to remain strong and trust in God amid the challenges. “Ezedike you’re a Great man. And Great men face great challenges. Your life is in God’s hands. Trust that he will lead you always. Remain strong”, she wrote. Reacting to his wife’s post, Yul Edochie wrote: “Amen. Thank you Ijele Odogwu.” See his post and comments below:

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Maria Chike opens up on ‘spiritual challenges’ after exiting BBNaija


The former contestant on the BBNaija show, Maria Chike reveals how she battled spiritual challenges following her participation in the reality show. In an interview with The Cable, the actress disclosed that she faced several spiritual challenges that brought her closer to God. Chike, who was raised in a Christian household, revealed that her faith was tested after leaving the Big Brother Naija house.

Maria Chike opens up on 'spiritual challenges' after exiting BBNaija

“Since coming out of Big Brother, there have been a lot of spiritual struggles or challenges, and that just made me get closer to my faith and obviously to God,” she stated. She emphasized the significance of having a strong support system and a solid foundation in faith to overcome life’s obstacles. Maria stated that comparing oneself to others can lead to failure, and it’s crucial to work at one’s own pace and ignore others’ progress. “Having God by your side is also amazing, and I always encourage people, no matter what they do, whether it’s good, bad, or evil in the eyes of other people, to always tell God first, and it helps you feel better,” she added. The reality star stressed the importance of having friends who can offer advice and help overcome challenges. She admitted that she has only a few close friends but is grateful for their love, encouragement, and advice, which she combines with prayer.

“Proud husband here” – Seyi Law hails wife as she bags a degree from UK university despite sundry challenges (Photos)

"Proud husband here" – Seyi Law hails wife as she bags a degree from UK university despite sundry challenges (Photos)

Popular comedian, Seyi Law has commended his wife as she receives a degree from Coventry University, UK.
The comedian’s wife, Mercy Stacy Ebere recently received a Bachelor of Arts BA (Hons) from Coventry University despite the numerous challenges she had to face.

Celebrating his wife’s graduation, Seyi Law revealed that his wife had lost her five months pregnancy and had to defer for a year; gave birth to another child and still graduated with honours.

In his words;
“Yesterday, she walked the aisle as a GRADUATE. She weathered the storm and survived. She lost a 5 month pregnancy, deferred for a year, birthed another child, took care of two children and successfully bagged BA (Hons) from the prestigious COVENTRY UNIVERSITY, UK. Congratulations to my wife, Mercy Stacy Ebere CHAM. God stepped in and you stopped out in style. Proud Husband here”.

Comedian Acapella Talks About his Way to stardom and Challenges Attached

Comedian Acapella Talks About his Way to stardom and Challenges Attached