Lady who complained of heat in boyfriend’s car sees fan

Lady who complained of heat in boyfriend's car sees fan

A Nigerian lady has praised her boyfriend for installing a fan inside his car after she complained about heat. According to the identified as @tobi_lobad, the fan was installed by her man because she complained of feeling hot. She wrote; “You told ur man you feel hot and the next day he had a fan installed in his Benz just for you. Whatever you do date an intentional man. The video quickly garnered attention, with netizens expressing their shock and admiration. Many questioned the absence of air conditioning in the Benz, while others praised the boyfriend’s thoughtfulness and understanding. The unusual display of affection sparked a lively discussion among social media users. Success Emperor reacted: “Ac no Dey the Benz?” @_Calcuta reacted: “Mercedes has automatic AC why instal a fan?” Rosey_hrt reacted: “Is that Benz or Ben.” I@victor reacted: “The AC don spoil?” @sparkledee commented: “No lose guard this your man oo, no wan meet am by mistake.” @jolaoluwa said: “So this is love.” @ryaaa reacted: “Omg romance.” @patienc97 reacted: “What happened to AC.” WallyE$co said: “Una dey worry.” @faith kabwe reacted: “A benz without an an AC?” @earth to Maimuna reacted:B“Understanding girlfriend.” @tasha said: “Which kind Benz be dis one na?” Watch the video below: @tobi_lobad Just date a man that likes you #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬 #fypシ゚viral #nigeriantiktok #fypシ #fypシ゚ #miriam #moots ♬ original sound – Isaac

“I stopped over at my boyfriend’s place for only 10 mins” – Lady shares transformation as she welcomes baby

Lady stopped over boyfriend's result

Lady stopped over boyfriend's result

Lady sparks reactions online as she shares 9-month result of stopping over at her boyfriend’s place for only 10 minutes. The pretty curvy lady revealed that an encounter between her and her man had resulted in pregnancy.

Lady stopped over boyfriend's result

Lady. She said that, via her video caption, that she had stopped over at her boyfriend’s place for only 10 mins and what followed was a 9-month period of pregnancy. The video she shared on her TikTok page documented her account from her slimmer days to her pregnancy days and then finally, welcoming the grand result of the 10 mins encounter: a baby. @Ofure2023 said: “so ur bf na 10mins guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 … chai” @user3805511924706 highlighted: “Atleast u hv something to take home,ah nw u can’t just come nd go like that nw my dear” @MAKANAKI OF TIKTOK✌️🥁🎷❤️ wrote: “this one pass 10 mins😂, my beautiful niece 😩❤️” @Laula007 said: “10min enjoyment lolz” Watch video below … @officialdehbi1 Small 10 mins 🥹🥹 ♬ original sound – user17736938751

“I’m looking for like 2 to 3 boyfriends” – Asisat Oshoala enters dating market, shares criteria

Asisat Oshoala boyfriend dating

Asisat Oshoala boyfriend dating

Professional footballer, Asisat Oshoala launches search for two to three boyfriends as she releases the criteria for eligible and interested men. The Nigerian soccer player hinted that she’s single and ready to mingle.

Asisat Oshoala boyfriend dating

Footballer, Asisat Oshoala. Photo source: Instagram. Since it’s December, she stated that she’s interested in getting into a relationship. According to her, she needs like two to three boyfriends in various locations, one abroad and two in Nigeria. She listed out her preference to be a tall man, preferably dark and must he rich. Asisat wrote: “December don come oo….Abeg where dem dey apply for BF, I go need like 2 or 3 edakun see. 1 abroad , 2 for naija. Rich niggas only pis must be TALL too , preferably dark skin” Read reactions below: jboyrug said: “He pain me na the rich Nigga disqualify me ooo even the rich no one the poor if you get money come they follow poor girls na you Know ooo” everythinganne_ said: “If agba baller dey find Boyfriend, who kon be me. Edakun any Tall dark kind guy?” jully_mk wrote: “This lady is effortlessly funny” omolade_junior wrote: “Go for dj chicken” See her post below:

Boyfriend’s surprise to girlfriend sparks jealousy among ladies

"I swear I be broom" - Boyfriend's money, cake birthday surprise to girlfriend sparks jealousy among ladies online

A beautiful Nigerian lady had many other females grinning with jealousy as she received cake, money, shoes, and other expensive gifts from her boyfriend on her birthday. In the video, the lady could be seen dropping to her knees, shouting in surprise at the gifts she received from her lover.

Nigerian lady. Cash, cake, a money bouquet, and several other gifts were placed before her in the video, which has attracted thousands of likes. In appreciation of the gifts, the beautiful lady could also be seen in a later scene jumping on her partner excitedly, hugging him as a form of appreciation. Many females, however, have taken to the comment section of the post to celebrate her while expressing their wish for the same treatment. See some reactions below: INTERIORS BY CROWN: “‎I swear I be broom where una Dey see love this is lovely.” Suga: “‎My fellow spoons Oya make we enter kitchen.” De’Arshas: “‎Na real delta this surprise happen cause them nor go give person space na to rush the food tray and burst balloons.” Endless beauty: “‎God give my man/siblings money 💴 because I knw they will do this for me plz lord.” Damish01: “‎Congratulations dear🥰 God I beg remember me too l Abi which kind life be this self.” queenesther3578: “‎Happy for you God bless me with my lovely sweet caring man pls God.” Ahbikeh: “‎make I no lie I no fit cry for this kine thing cause I no get water for eyes again even on my wedding day sef.” It melisa dayoung: “‎God please bless me with my own lovely and caring man.” ella_bby: “‎na me be that teddy bear please stop shaking me like that.” Colston miles: “‎Waiting the vax me be say after all this her Toto no go rest,she will still jumb from state to another.” Ayoola Surprise: “‎See as those guys Dey disgrace their self..Naso dem Dey do…Naso dem do for my client too even before the celebrant came in the burst all the balloons.” WATCH VIDEO: @apex_suprises We went all the way to asaba in delta state to pull this suprise , and trust us to always deliver ♬ original sound – wow_me_by_succy

Lady who tattooed boyfriend’s name on her arm covers it with a cross after getting dumped

lady boyfriend's name tattooed

lady boyfriend's name tattooed

Following an unexpected breakup, a lady who tattooed her boyfriend’s name boldly on her arms has gone back to the tattoo shop to get it erased by tattooing a Jesus cross over it. Love moved the young lady to tattoo her boyfriend’s name as a sign of her devotion and deep adoration of him, however, the illusion of love vanished from the lady’s eyes after she got dumped and she decided to erase his name from her hand.

lady tattoo boyfriend's name cross

Lady erases boyfriend’s name from her hand. She had tattooed the guy’s name, Derrick on her hand and she went back to the ink shop she had the tattoo done to get it off. The lady requested that the tattoo man cover the name of her boyfriend using a cross which has wings. Rm591 said: “Derrick has grown wings” Dv8 remarked: “Bless Derrick for Winning a soul the angels are glad” Your Excellency 💍🦋 wrote: “Evangelist Derrick praise the Lord 😁” NanaAbenaoriginal penned: “But still Derrick is the foundation 😂😂😂😂😂😂” gloriaalale opined: “Jesus came and rescued her from Derrick😂😂💔” Watch video below … @nipahiamoa247 please justice for Derrick #viral #funny #fyp #viralvideo #trending ♬ original sound – Nipahiamoa❓

Lady sets boyfriend’s clothes on fire after alleged cheating despite taking blood oath (Video)

Lady sets boyfriend's clothes on fire after alleged cheating despite taking blood oath (Video)

A Nigerian lady’s attempt to solidify love and trust through a blood covenant with her boyfriend ended in betrayal and violence, leaving a trail of scorched cloth and broken hearts. The young woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, made a disturbing revelation about the series of events that unfolded after she and her boyfriend engaged in the ancient ritual. According to the lady, she suggested the idea of a blood covenant to her boyfriend as a means of proving their love and trust for each other. After some initial hesitation, he eventually agreed to participate in the ritual, which involved cutting themselves and collecting their blood in a container. Disturbing footage of the ritual was shared on social media, capturing the moment when they sealed their bond by mixing their blood together. The act was meant to symbolize an unbreakable connection between the two individuals. However, the supposed unbreakable bond was shattered when the lady’s curiosity led her to check her boyfriend’s phone. To her dismay, she discovered incriminating messages that exposed his infidelity. The messages revealed that he was cheating on her with another girl, whom he not only engaged in a relationship with but also insulted, leaving the lady feeling hurt and betrayed. Fueled by anger and sadness, the lady took drastic action and set fire to her boyfriend’s clothes, leading to a heated confrontation between them. Regrettably, the situation escalated, and the boyfriend allegedly assaulted her, leaving her with a swollen face. The situation became so dire that the lady’s brother had to intervene and call the police for assistance. @therealmorade74 said; “Dat red hoodie and the bag my bf get d same 😂Dat how his fingers look🌚🌚 Eyin fansi mi” @heffff____ said; “Person wey love you go correct you 👏 nothing t0xic there 😍” @faith_anammah said; Why u go burn person cloth …na u buy am? @hz_ib_fundz said; “Na too much of Korean movie de cause all these nonsense😂😂” @azurioflagos_realty said; “Thank you for not disappointing us blood later flow 😂” @ennysjemima said; “ewo ekoshi lo Be like say this fuel matte eni consign una” @edunjobitmadeofficial said; “Ogun loma pa iwo ati boyfriend e, a pa boda e naa 😂😂😂😂😂” See below;  

Lady shares boyfriend’s reaction as she buys N475K PS5 for his birthday (Video)

Lady shares boyfriend's reaction as she buys N475K PS5 for his birthday (Video)

Lady shares boyfriend's reaction as she buys N475K PS5 for his birthday

Lady sets smiles on her boyfriend’s face as she buys him a brand new N475K PS5 as birthday gift. The lady identified on social media as @iameunice took to TikTok to share the moment she surprised her man with the new gaming device.

Lady shares boyfriend's reaction as she buys N475K PS5 for his birthday

Lady shares boyfriend’s reaction as she buys N475K PS5 for his birthday. Credit: @iameunice36/TikTok. In the video, her boyfriend was sitting with his friends in the parlor when she entered and dropped the wrapped box and asked him to open it. When he opened it and found out it was a new PS5, he was filled with happiness and immediately rushed to embrace her. Sharing the clip, the lady captioned: “Got my man a PS5 for his birthday and his reaction was everything” Watch the video below: @iameunice36 His reaction was everything ,like 😌❤️i love you babe #iameunice36 #foryoupage❤️❤️ #foryoupage ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

SS3 graduate advises ladies to hold their boyfriends tight


A fresh Senior Secondary graduate has sent out a stern warning to ladies as she tells them to hold their boyfriends well. The young graduate has shared a video on her social media page advising the older ladies to hold their boyfriends well because she is done with school and in the market. SS3 graduate advises ladies to hold their boyfriends tightSecondary school graduate warns ladies to hold their boyfriends. Photo credit: Instagram. Source: Instagram According to her, she is now in the dating market and has also learned the skills of snatching boyfriends and husbands from their ladies. The video shared by the young graduate has attracted a lot of reactions from social media users. Reacting to her video, Seun wrote; “They learn this rubbish from social media. It’s now cool for kids in secondary school to say stuff like this. It’s a short distance from saying to doing.” Blossom wrote; “Boyfriend wey pesin suppose hide from secondary school pikin no be boyfriend” Fatima wrote; “I hope this video gets to her parents so that they can beat her very well.
SMH 🤦‍♀️😂😹” Montero wrote; “Go and read for jamb Na you or mate Dey get 300 and something 😂😂 TagsSS3 Graduate

“I am traumatized” – Lady finds fetish box in boyfriend’s house

"I am traumatized" - Lady finds fetish box in boyfriend's house

A Nigerian lady has shared her traumatic experience after finding fetish items in her boyfriend’s house. In a video posted online, the lady whose name was not revealed, narrated how she found the items in a safe that was on top of her boyfriend’s wardrobe. She narrated: “I am traumatized right now, I don’t know what my eyes are seeing here, I don’t know. Today I went to my boyfriend’s house immediately he left I scattered his house, I searched everywhere, his wardrobe, under his bed and I didn’t see anything. “I decided to arrange his things back when a spirit told me to check his safe that is on top of his wardrobe. Then the spirit said I should break it.” The lady revealed that she called a furniture guy to make a new box for her after the spirit told her to break the safe. She said that her boyfriend had told her that he kept his money in the box. “Guys what I saw in the box, I cannot explain. Let me record it, this was what I saw in the box, a scary thing tied with red cloth, my picture folded with my name written in the front and my pant used to tie N1000,” she said. The video has sparked reactions on social media, with many people advising the lady to leave the relationship. thefoodnetworknig2 said: “These ritualists are easy to spot but una want to date a man with 3 bedroom flat and benz without any traceable source of income…Sorrows, sorrows, prayers my dear!” iameniolamyde said: “To all the legit hustlers, may it finally turn green someday.” sarah.khese reacted: “Aunty drop phone, collect your pant and picture and run. Run to mountain of fire and lodge there and pray until you get a confirmation that the yoke has been broken.
Crying doesn’t change anything.” _sharon.xx commented: “Awwww una dey date ritualist! Ritualist couple.” Watch the video below:

Nigerian lady goes extra mile to win over boyfriend’s mum during Sallah

"She said her Son will marry me" - Nigerian lady goes the extra mile to win over boyfriend's mum during Sallah celebration (Video)

In an attempt to win the affection and approval of her boyfriend’s family, a Nigerian lady named Morenikeji has captured attention and sparked discussions with her exceptional actions during a recent Sallah celebration. Morenikeji, eager to make a positive impression, offered her assistance in the festive cooking and left an indelible mark on the hearts of her boyfriend’s relatives.

A photo captures the Nigerian lady’s earnest attempt to win over her boyfriend’s family. Photo Credit:@ Source: Tiktok Described as a woman on a mission to win over her boyfriend’s family, Morenikeji visited her prospective in-laws to partake in the Sallah festivities. Acknowledging the significance of the occasion, she aimed to showcase her commitment and dedication to the family and its traditions. During her time with her boyfriend’s family, Morenikeji expressed her admiration for her potential mother-in-law, praising her as a kind-hearted woman. She candidly shared that she had been informed by her partner that he would marry her. In a video that has since gone viral, Morenikeji can be seen respectfully kneeling whenever an opportunity arose to greet her boyfriend’s mother and other women present, displaying her reverence for tradition and respect for her elders. Morenikeji’s actions did not go unnoticed, as family members and onlookers were taken aback by her humble demeanor. She graciously accepted the compliments she received on her attire, further endearing herself to the family. Her conduct in the video has ignited conversations and speculation about the depth of her commitment and intentions. @adewunmi said; “It is every seconds kneeling down for me.”  @Johnson Abisoye Afol said; “Na so I first bf family used me tire and his mother went to do wedding for another lady after I have given birth to her son.” @Kunmi Klassic said; “It’s the kneeling down every seconds for me your knees strong ooo.”  @ADUNNI said: “Work wey I no fit do for my house I go dey do am for my guy house I no fit ooo.” @Ayanfe eledumare said; “Dey play main wife they where she sit down dey press phone.” @Omo_Tola_Ni_ said:; “Ur boyfriend family try oo dem still let u use gas na wood u suppose use.”  See below; @thriftplug #CapCut my mother in law is a very nice woman🥰🥰 ♬ original sound – Morenikeji ❤️