“Hunger don wound am” – Speculations as angel is spotted in Nigeria

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A young Nigerian man sets tongues wagging as he is spotted dressed in an angel costume, roaming around a street. A video making the round on social media captured a supposed angel taking a tour of a street on foot in a hot sun.

The man rocked an all-white garment and painted his face and entire body white while bearing angelic wings on his back. His appearance caught the attention of many on the street, leaving many with the thought of the young man being troubled due to his countenance and directionless movement. Netizen’s reaction to Angel spotted trekking manlikewaco said: “Hunger don wound Angel, E no fit fly back to heaven again 😂😂.” vivianwilliams334 penned: “I talk am say this country na comedy channel for heaven 😂😂😂.” its_elnino stated: “Angel kamoru dey find where dem dey do party 😂😂😂.” loner_blogger added: “First thing naa to observe if naa only me dey see am 😂” laughkyngz said: “Angel de trekk 😂 wings de but no fit fly not to talk of disappear.” annie_berry1889 penned: “Omo nothing wey my eyes never see for this country I swear cos wtf. 😂😂😂😂😂😂.” ___williams01 noted: “This one na werey angel 😂 sapa won wound am.” Watch the video below …

“Hunger na your mate” – Moment young man is given 1-minute free shopping spree

"Hunger na your mate" - Moment young man is given 1-minute free shopping spree

In an astonishing feat of speed and efficiency, a young man participated in a 1-minute shopping spree that left everyone in awe. The shopping spree took place in an undisclosed large supermarket, where the man’s unmatched swiftness and smart shopping approach left everyone amazed. The anonymous shopper was seen rushing through the supermarket’s aisles, racing against time to grab a bunch of valuable items. What set this shopping spree apart was the sheer quantity of goods he managed to accumulate in just 60 seconds. "Hunger na your mate" - Moment young man is given 1-minute free shopping spree"Hunger na your mate" - Moment young man is given 1-minute free shopping spree To get as much as possible, the man filled lots of shopping carts to the top, picking the most valuable items. As the clock ticked, he hustled through the store, rapidly stacking his shopping carts with an assortment of products. Among his selections were large bags of rice and bottles of what appeared to be vegetable oil. The incredible shopping frenzy continued as he continuously grabbed new empty shopping carts to keep up with his impressive accumulation of goods. His fast and organized shopping style caught the eye of both spectators and store employees, who could hardly believe what they were seeing The video capturing this astonishing shopping spree quickly went viral after it was posted on TikTok by user @sheffman01. Numerous viewers were left in disbelief, with many speculating that had the man been given more time, he could have conceivably emptied the entire store of its stock. Netizens Reactions… @investorlajosh said; “If they give this man 5mint he for empty the store.” @Mr. Orion commented; “Na first and last time them go do this.” @Treny_Joe said; “This guy used to work in a truck supplying cement.” @Michael lavish commented; “I go tell am say na prank.” @mannaz16 said; “This man wan open shop.” @Teemahstitchesandmore said; “The highest rank of greediness.” @ADEWEALTH said; “If this man put this energy into his hustle, he will be very rich.”  @Sabelo M Dlamini commented; “I bet the manager was already regretting this.” @BIG STEPPER reacted; “Smart guy, hunger na your mate?” See below; @sheffman01 One minute shopping 😂🤣#shef #sheffman #alaroye #nigeria #sheff #fypシ #fypシ #trendingvideo #trend #trending #goviral #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #fyp #purple_off0 ♬ original sound – 𝕊𝕙𝕖𝕗𝕗𝕞𝕒𝕟 𝟘𝟙✪

“We finally found him” – Boy behind viral ‘hunger’ sound gets help

"We finally found him" - Boy behind viral 'hunger' sound gets help

The young boy behind the ‘hunger’ soundtrack on TikTok could not hide his tears as a lady visited him to gift him cash. Favour recently broke the internet after he was seen dancing to a song which had the lyrics ‘hunger wan kill person’. While many netizens criticized him, a Nigerian lady identified as @meritogboma on TikTok was moved to help him. She shared a video of her journey from Port Harcourt to Bayelsa to help the sick man who looked so slim with a swollen neck. In an emotional video, he revealed that he had been suffering from a swollen throat illness for a long time and he was diagnosed with goitre by a doctor. He also revealed that he has no family members to help him as he was just staying with his aunt. The lady sent N50,000 to him and promised to help him solicit more help so that he can be taken to the hospital for a check-up. She captioned the video: “It breaks my heart upon finding out the misconception behind Favour’s predicament. We urge everyone who sees this video to please share and support in any way you can.” @PABLOBETHEL reacted: “No be hunger hunger don kill person be this? So this dude is real.” @timofe said: “Let him do a thyroid test first cos if he had been placed on drug since it was discovered, it might have not lead to goitre. sorry dear. God will heal you.” @Blue queen___ commented: “Please how can I support with the 1k I’m my aza nothing is small.” @Kachi said: “I pray one day I’ll be able to put smile on people’s face like this, God bless you my sister.” Watch the video below: @meritogboma It breaks my heart upon finding out the misconception behind Favour’s predicament. Some days ago he was posted by gossipmilltv and after making some findings with my team we were able to locate him,support and let the public know his situation. We urge everyone who sees this video to please share,and support in any way you can #donate #foryoupage #fyp #trend #meritogboma #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬 ♬ Dj Unityyy Remix Santuy – DJ ALI

Nigerian man creates his own happiness despite struggle with extreme hunger (Video)

Nigerian man creates his own happiness despite struggle with extreme hunger (Video)

A Nigerian man, whose identity remains unknown, has captured the attention of the nation as he shared a video showcasing his emaciated body and dancing to a song that reflects his struggle with extreme hunger. The footage quickly went viral on social media platforms, drawing widespread sympathy and raising concerns about the dire situation faced by many Nigerians.

A photo of the Nigerian man. Photo Credit: @gossipmilltv Source: Instagram The video begins with the man swaying to a haunting melody, his frail body providing a stark visual representation of his suffering. The accompanying song highlights the man’s anguish, lamenting his inability to find food and his desperate need for work. As the video spread across social media, Nigerians expressed their empathy for the man’s plight, sharing heartfelt messages and calls to action. @smarty.lee wrote; “May you never be hungry in Jesus name. If you believe God is your provider like this comment.” @amyshine0 said; “He need proper medical check up. Not hunger please.” @miscellanythachosen1 said; “Father lord I know have been ungrateful for all you’ve done for me and my family. I’m sorry for not being thankful enough😰” @ms_leemart said; “He needs proper medical check up, this one has exceed hunger he might be battling some illness” @nnenna_blinks_ said; “Don’t Look like hunger more like Anorexia. An eating disorder condition. Even if he eats all the fruit and food in the world he won’t gain weight. He will need a medical professional and therapy.” @kennedyexcel said; “He needs a good food and plenty of water and sleep with vegetables and vitamins.” See below;

“I want my tithe back before I die of hunger”


A Nigerian man, Mazi Chukwudiaso Onyema, has openly pleaded with the pastor of Dunamis church to return all the tithe he paid in his church. According to him, the bank, government and all the places he invested his money have failed him and as a result, he’s no longer interested in the heavenly race.

He lamented that he doesn’t want to die of hunger before his time, and pleaded for all the tithes he paid in the church to be refunded to him, as he considers it an investment he made in the house of God. In his words: “Hello, my name is Mazi Chukwudiaso Onyema. Please I want to appeal to senior pastor Dunamis international gospel centre. Senior pastor Paul Enenche. Please I want to make an appeal to you and to Bible God please there is a lot of trouble in Nigeria right now. “Hunger and so many things that I don’t want to mention. Please the bank has failed me, the government has failed me, where I invested my money has failed me. I was making a research in my library and I found out that I have an investment in the kingdom of God. “I am no longer interested in that kingdom. There’s a Bible was that you used to convince me to invest in heaven. Matthew 6:19 – “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal” “Because of this Bible verse you taught us it moved me to start laying treasure in heaven with the tithe booklet that you gave to me look at it here I started investing and I have a lot of money there. I made a lot of money here right now I’m no longer interested I don’t want to die of hunger before my time.” Watch the video below: