“After I lost my dad, you loved me just as a father should love a child” – Late Obama DMW’s son pens emotional note to Davido

"After I lost my dad, you loved me just as a father should love a child" – Late Obama DMW's son pens emotional note to Davido

Abdul, the son of Davido’s late aide Obama DMW, pens emotional birthday note to the singer on how he stepped in to play a fatherly role in his life after he lost his dad. The Afrobeats singer, Davido turns 31 years today and birthday wishes are pouring in for him.

Singer, Davido and Obama DMW’s son. Photo Source: Instagram. Abdul, whose father had worked for Davido before his demise, revealed that after losing his dad, Davido had come in to fill that role. He hadn’t abandoned him, but treated him like a father should treat a son. He wrote: “Dad, I’m writing this from the bottom of my heart, keeping a promise is one of the hardest things in life! You promised to help me since I lost my father You never rejected me You loved me just the way a father should love his child Every video of us you always saying “my son” Dad my father would be so grateful for all you do for me! I love you so much There was a day I was so broken, but when we spoke he didn’t just solve my issue He spoke to me “My son hope you really good” These words are so genuine and lovely Happy birthday to my father’s friend, someone to cry to, someone who cares, someone who loves me, to a father, to a legend, to a humble hearted man, to a gifted man, to a talent man, toa very handsome man, to someone who his smile can save a soul I love you so much I love everything you love Enjoy your day Your year Everything about you Enjoy it! Almighty Father in heaven please bless him with your love, your grace, and your mercy, and fill his life with your goodness and your light. May my dad feel your presence in his life, guiding him along the path of righteousness and peace.”

Kanayo O. Kanayo pens heartfelt note as he marks 22nd birthday of son

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo celebrates his son, Clinton Onyekwere on his 22nd birthday by highlighting his admirable qualities. Taking to Instagram, Kanayo O. Kanayo shared a photo of his son, accompanied by a heart-melting caption.

kanayo o. kanayo

The proud father described his son as a selfless individual who cares deeply about his younger siblings’ feelings. He reminisced about how Clinton rejected lavish gifts to ensure his siblings’ contentment. However, Kanayo made it clear that being 22 doesn’t exempt his son from discipline and punishment, emphasizing his pride in being an African who values and upholds his cultural traditions.

"A son with a good heart" - Kanayo O. Kanayo pens heartfelt note as he marks 22nd birthday of son

In his words; “Onyeze Mbaise, Clinton Onyekwere, my first son is 22 years old today (10/11). While I join millions of friends to wish him a happy birthday, I declare as follows: “Onyeze Mbaise has the most infectious smile I ever saw on my mother’s face. A son with a good heart. If you ever took him out, and bought him anything, he will remind you he has an only sister, Valerie, and two younger one’s, Kosisocchukwu, Einstein, and that instead of buying one expensive item for him,, you should kindly spread that money to buy for him and his siblings. Wonderful boy. “On this birthday, dear Onyeze, DO NOT tell me you are now 22 and therefore you can drink alcohol, smoke, do what the boys do, park out of our house etc. BEING 22 IS NOT A LICENCE TO IRRESPONSIBILITY. My dear son, many parents are going through a lot with their children after turning 21. Don’t forget, I am an African, a traditional Igbo Chief, Ihe Mbaise ji ka Mba, Ugwu Ndigbo, a knock on the head is still part of our culture, that moulded many of us. You can still get one WITH LOVE. Happy birthday. Ya gazie Your dad.”

Made Kuti pens heartfelt note, ties knot with lover, Inedoye

Made Kuti heartfelt note ties knot lover Inedoye

Nigerian afrobeat singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Made Kuti, has officially tied the knot with his lover Inedoye, in a post made public on X. Omorinmade Kuti, known professionally as Made Kuti, took to his social media page to inform his followers that he is getting married, adding, “Today is for wedding food.” 

Made Kuti heartfelt note ties knot lover Inedoye

Made Kuti and lover, Inedoye. He wrote: “Thankful we found each other. Excited to spend the rest of my life with you @__Inedoye. Today is for wedding food #NedoMade2023.” Shortly after making the post, hundreds of people immediately filled the comments section with their views and congratulatory messages for the Nigerian singer and instrumentalist. See some reactions below:  @b3elema: “Congratulations man. May the both of you get the wisdom, strength and love (money too) to make this union flourish, from this day until your last.” @BabajideAje: “See the way I am Happy!! Made dun marry!!! Congratulations!! Man. Egbon Congratulations to you also oooo. You must be so proud @Femiakuti.” @Aidankaluba: “Congratulations to the both of you. Y’all made the best choice. I’m privileged to say I see your show of love , respect ,support and affection first hand on every rehearsal day. Wishing you a beautiful and blissful union Legend of our time.” @_topzack: “Una never marry una don resemble each other already omo I love, love sm man.” @C_Gabbi_: “This has to be the most amazing photo shoot I’ve seen this year. Beautiful couple.” @Kulturecam: “Congratulations bro. Finding that special one is a blessing. Pray you live in love till the end.” @adenolao: “Congratulations Omorinmade! Everlasting joy in your union! @Femiakuti World’s coolest Great Grandpa! Arararararararara!!!” @kamorudeenayin1: “Congratulations Made Kuti wishing you Happy Marriage life and plenty Children Omo Alabi Yellow.” @nnewi_pythondev: “Mtchew, what a wicked way to remind me to go find a woman. Congrats to both of you man.” WATCH VIDEO: Thankful we found each other. Excited to spend the rest of my life with you @__Inedoye ❤️
Today is for wedding food 🎉🕺🏿#NedoMade2023 pic.twitter.com/RiDKIheWLP — Mádé Kuti (@madeakuti) November 1, 2023 The groom, Made Kuti and his parents 😍😍😍 pic.twitter.com/E1RW9d1ofW — 🐬 @𝗼𝗻𝗲𝗷𝗼𝗯𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗯𝗼𝘆 (@OneJoblessBoy) November 1, 2023

Kemi Afolabi pens heartfelt note to late actor, Murphy Afolabi

"Murphy Afolabi that I know will never want to die untimely!" – Kemi Afolabi pens heartwarming remembrance to the late actor

Popular Yoruba actress, Kemi Afolabi has penned a heartfelt eulogy to her friend and colleague, Murphy Afolabi. Recall that the late actor passed away on 14th May due to a domestic accident. He reportedly slipped in the bathroom of his house in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Kemi Afolabi Afolabi

Nollywood actress, Kemi Afolabi.   She detailed their adventures and funny moments in a lengthy Instagram post, pointing out how they both supported each other’s movie careers. She remarked that the deceased actor was a fervent supporter of her work and would consistently show up early for any of her appearances.

Kemi Afolabi with late Murphy Afolabi

When he passed away, she admitted that his comments from her health challenge continued to ring in her ears, and she was unable to stop sobbing.

Kemi Afolabi with late Murphy Afolabi

She recalled how he would frequently share with her how he had persuaded others to join him in praying for her. She saluted him and praised him for being the all-time most attractive fashionista, actor, storyteller, producer, and director.

  In her words: “I remember you “Omo baba mi” like we fondly call ourselves because we share the same surname even though we are from different states and not related by blood.” “Murphy, I graced many of your productions as you did mine. we became friends because time proved to me that you have been a staunch admirer of my craft since I joined the industry.” “Always on time to support me, post my works, and birthdays, celebrate with me and every positive news there is about me.” “Your words during my health challenge kept echoing in my ears when you passed and I couldn’t stop crying, you would call and tell me :Omo baba mi, ko si iku loju e’ that you got some people on board praying especially for me, I could feel the fear in your voice then while you tried to encourage me.” “The handsome, fashionista, self-confident, intentional, storyteller, Actor, producer & director of all times Murphy Afolabi that I know will never want to die untimely! so sad you bid the world goodbye too soon.” “As a colleague, you were the first to ever call me excitedly back then to inform me that I had been nominated for an award in Canada, you made sure I submitted with everyone going on that trip, it is how you always try to carry me along in anything happening in the association for me.” “Although we have our differences in some areas, that we couldn’t agree, you were a sweet soul who always found ways to mend problems that could cause distance or malice between us.” “I am forever saddened that I will never get to see you in this life again, maybe in another life hopefully.” “I am forever saddened that I will never get to see you in this life again, maybe in another life hopefully.” “Till we meet to path no more Olawale, keep resting in your lord bossom.” SEE POST:

Nigerian man shares heartfelt note sent by boss after he left the company Nigerian man shares heartfelt note he received from his former boss

Nigerian man shares heartfelt note sent by boss after he left the company Nigerian man shares heartfelt note he received from his former boss

A Nigerian man, Segun Ogunmowo, has touched the hearts of netizens after sharing a heartfelt note he received from his former boss. The note came in response to a thought-provoking question posed on Twitter, where netizens were asked if they would hire themselves if they were employers. Segun, who described himself as a top-notch professional and an invaluable asset, shared the touching message he received from his former manager after he had decided to move on from the company. The note expressed deep regret and disappointment at Segun’s departure, as the manager confessed a desire to retain such a talented individual within the organization. The message reads; “Hi Segun, shared this news with me last night. I immediately asked what it would take to keep you, and he told me some of the perks of your new gig. I quickly realized there was no way we could compete! Your loss will be felt across the team as you have significantly impacted our organization. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Though I am sad to see you go, I couldn’t be happier for you and this new opportunity. Congrats! My one request is that you don’t get your new company to come and recruit all our other PMs.” See below;

Female student leaves stern note inside pot for her food-stealing roommate, Netizens react

Female student leaves stern message inside pot for her food-stealing roommate, Netizens react

A Nigerian university student identified as Amaka took to social media to share a comical yet stern note left by her roommate inside an empty cooking pot. The note, scolding Amaka for her alleged food theft and lack of contribution to meal preparations, has garnered attention and amusement on various social platforms. According to the post, Amaka returned to her shared dormitory after attending lectures, hoping to find a meal in the room. To her surprise, she discovered a handwritten note placed strategically inside her roommate’s cooking pot. The note was both a warning and a reprimand, criticizing Amaka for frequently eating her roommate’s food without offering any financial contribution towards the meals. The note reads; “Amaka You’re a useless Roommate. All you do is to Come back from Class, Open my Pot and Check if I cooked Without Contributing Nothing PLX CLOSE MY POT BACK.” @leaddyskincare said; “Amaka should try and contribute to the food they eat together. It’s frustrating for someone to cook with her finances alone,even stress to cook,and someone comes to pick and eat. She isn’t your Mother💁” @paintsilmil said; “Who else noticed this note was left inside the pot 😂” @bature_meenah said; “Na them they use money buy cloth come Dey hungry 😂😂😂” @justinomilano1 said; “To think that Amaka opened the pot and saw this instead of food 😂😂” @welcome_to_2024 said; “Forget the note, naw charcoal den Dey use cook?😂😂 Cux which kan pot be that?” @iameniolamyde said; “I have never seen an Amaka that never disappoints since one broke my heart that year .” See below;

Sunmbo Adeoye marks 10th wedding anniversary with emotional note, 2Face’s brother reacts

Sunmbo Adeoye marks 10th wedding anniversary with emotional note, 2Face's brother reacts

2Face Idibia’s baby mama, Sunmbo Adeoye pens a heartfelt note as she marks her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband, Pastor David Adeoye. Sunmbo Adeoye expressed her emotions openly, writing a heartfelt and lengthy note to express her gratitude to her husband.

Sunmbo Adeoye marks 10th wedding anniversary with emotional note, 2Face's brother reacts

Sunmbo Adeoye and her husband, Pastor David Adeoye. Credit: sunmboadeoye / Instagram. In her emotional wedding anniversary note, she shared adorable family photos including the children when had with 2Face. She praised her husband for being a loving and caring father to all their children, especially her first two sons.

sunmbo adeoye husband and children

Sumbo and her family. 10th Wedding Anniversary note of Sunmbo Adeoye “*HAPPY 10th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO US (2Hearts that beat as 1).* It is said that love is special when it is true.
I believe love is most special when it is true, selfless and pure.
Our love is the most special.
You are the most special to me.
Thank you for making us special.

Many people say that once you get married, the romance is over. You do not know the pride I feel in our relationship, because there is no day that passes by without us filling each other with details, words of kindness and love. Thanks for being you, I love you dearly Our strength is in our Friendship and it keeps getting stronger and better every day. Thank you for making this seven years garnished with love, peace and joy. “Ekuro lala baku ewa”.
Our journey is Forever and 10 years is just a little fragment of what God has set before us. When we were at the middle of great storm from every angle that anyone can imagine- Our Love proves that true love doesn’t fail. The more the storm, the more we were falling in love with each other. The more we were seeing how strong we are together. The storm helped us to see the strength of our love for each other. Adesunmbo-mi, I LoVe you and I will always LoVe you. Thank you for 10years of Peace, True Friendship and Joy. Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to us @sunmboadeoye ❤️” 2Face’s brother, Charles Idibia reacts to Sunmbo’s wedding anniversary

2face's brother charles idibia

2face’s brother, Charles Idibia Charles Idibia amongst many others flooded the comment in response to Sunmbo Adeoye’s heartfelt celebration of her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband, Pastor David Adeoye. “Happy Anniversary,” he wrote.

Engineer found dead in Abuja apartment with written note

Engineer found dead in Abuja apartment with written note

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command has launched an investigation into the murder of a construction engineer, Humphrey Uchenna Nnaji. Nnaji’s decomposing corpse was discovered in his apartment in the Dawaki area of the FCT on Saturday, July 8, 2023. According to reports, the engineer was killed by suspected assailants who gained entry into his apartment. Nnaji’s neighbours started to smell a foul odour emitting from his apartment and informed the police. Upon gaining entry into the apartment, the policemen discovered Nnaji’s remains on a chair in the apartment. A source in the FCT Police Command revealed that a hammer was found beside Nnaji’s corpse, along with a written note stating that the killing was allegedly carried out by one Alfa, who claimed to have acted on behalf of someone else. “The deceased must have been killed with a hammer. A sledgehammer with blood stains was found beside him. Also, the backside of his (Nnaji’s) head had a deep cut. He was seated on his chair with two pieces of handset charging cord cables around his neck,” the source said. “Also, a (written) note by someone who identified himself as Alfa was seen on his table. He claimed he killed the deceased to avenge the death of his sister and also accused him of using other girls for Yahoo Plus.” The Spokesperson for the FCT command, SP Josephine Adeh said they are currently investigating the incident.

Phyna pens love note to fans, recounts the journey that took her to limelight

Phyna pens love note to fans, recounts the journey that took her to limelight

Phyna, winner of Big Brother Naija Season 7, recently expressed her gratitude and penned a heartfelt letter to her fans and the show’s producers. In her open letter, Phyna conveyed deep appreciation to the Big Brother Naija platform for providing her with a fresh start in life and enabling her to achieve remarkable accomplishments.


Reality Tv star, Phyna
Photo Credit: Phyna, Source: Instagram She extended her thanks to her fellow ex-housemates, acknowledging how their diverse personalities and shared experiences allowed her to embrace vulnerability and cherish the value of life. Phyna expressed immense gratitude towards her supporters, recognizing their indispensable contribution to her triumph on the show. She specifically highlighted her profound appreciation to God for blessing her with such dedicated fans. “From the moment I received my email, I sensed the beginning of a new chapter, and that signifies my BECOMING,” she wrote. “Becoming, to me, is not about reaching a specific destination or achieving a particular goal. Instead, it symbolizes continuous growth, striving towards a better version of oneself, and that’s what the @bigbronaija | @multichoice_group platform has granted me. I’m incredibly grateful for that, among other things.” Phyna fondly reminisced about the exhilarating competitions she encountered on the show, addressing her fellow housemates with admiration and gratitude. “Phynation!!! Odogwu Phynation!! You guys are a blessing, I can’t thank God enough for the gift of you, you kept me in there the longest and gave me the win, please also know that Every situation is a gift, and without situations we would not grow, it’s about it be bumpier but we will get it. “It’s not gonna be an easy ride, being in the public eye also comes with challenges but I’m gonna face it all with my full chest. Who deeeey??,” she wrote.

Portable’s baby mama who was reportedly caught cheating pens love note to singer

Portable's baby mama who was reportedly caught cheating pens love note to singer

Keji, the second baby mama of Portable‘s child, who was reportedly caught cheating on him pen an emotional note to the singer, expressing a lifetime with him. It is worth noting that Portable once penned a cryptic note on his page expressing ‘fear women’ while leaking chats of his baby mama with another man.

portable's second baby mama

Keji, Baby mama of Portable. Credit: honey_berry1211 / Instagram In a recent post via Instagram page, Keji expressed her devotion to Portable shortly after the singer welcomed his fifth child. She shared a photo of the Zazoo singer and stated that she would prefer to spend a single minute embracing him than to live a life knowing she can never do so. Keji acknowledged Portable’s contributions to their son and expressed her full support for him. She also professed her love for him. “I would rather spend one moment holding you than a lifetime knowing I never could 🤪🤪I love you and I will always do 😫😫because my life has been better since the Dey I met you ❤️‍🩹🔐I love you 😒😒wholeheartedly mine 🙄🙄and thanks for all you do okikiola 🙈❤️‍🩹🍾am back to you baby 😒😂,” she wrote.

Portable's baby mama who was reportedly caught cheating pens love note to singer

Keji’s post, however, sparked mixed reactions as many termed her as a ‘prodigal baby mama’. Reactions trailing Portable’s baby mama’s note temi.tope924 opined: “My dear go back to him….if he’s responsible nd he doesn’t beat u, portable go reach all of una” moon191048 said: “U never get sense despite how they disgrace u on social media instead of u to face ur son and get something good for ur life u Dey upload someone cherish other woman than u oponu Omokekere” ronke1040 stated: “Don’t mind any one. Do what makes you happy. You come first. Shalom.” mhizvee08 wrote: “Welcome back home olalomi prodigal baby mama😂😂” temmy_bussiness_world said: “What’s happening here please. Portable don accept her back”