“I’m running mad in this country” – Williams Uchemba laments over electricity crisis

"I’m running mad in this country” – Williams Uchemba laments over electricity crisis

Williams Uchemba, a well-known actor has expressed worry over the inadequate electricity supply and lack of diesel to run generators. Williams Uchemba posted a video and a request for permission to rant on his verified Instagram page. The seasoned actor claimed that although his estate in Lagos State’s Ikoyi neighborhood was well-known for having intermittent power supplies, however, that has changed. According to him, things have become so bad that the estate that once had 24-hour electricity hardly receives enough power. "I’m running mad in this country” – Williams Uchemba laments over electricity crisis"I’m running mad in this country” – Williams Uchemba laments over electricity crisisUchemba Williams, Nollywood actor. source: Google He claimed that after being contacted by the PHCN manager in his region, he demanded that the estate chairman visit him to receive “Christmas money.” He also bemoaned the fact that most petrol stations do not sell diesel, so his chauffeur was unable to get it for him to use to power his generator. Uchemba claimed that he has now resorted to talking to his neighbors, some of whom are selling diesel to him for N1200 per liter, and that they have raised the price. ‘’I am going mad in this country… The rich are not crying. The rich are dying. With all your money, you will die in Nigeria,” the Nollywood actor said.

“Why would you even be mad at another person’s marriage” – Doyin slams those criticizing Mitchel Ihueze for marrying a wealthy man

"Why would you even be mad at another person's marriage" – Doyin slams those criticizing Mitchel Ihueze for marrying a wealthy man

BBnaija star, Doyin has slammed those criticizing current Miss Universe Nigeria, Mitchel Ihueze for marrying a 54-year-old billionaire. NigezieXtreme reported that the beauty queen is set to tie the knot with her 54-year-old billionaire lover, identified as Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu.


Doyin The billionaire is the CEO of SNECOU Group Limited and also a former lawmaker of Nigeria under APGA. Mitchel Ihueze was heavily criticized by some netizens following the news of her marriage for marrying a man more than twice her age. Reacting to this, Doyin revealed the two categories of people who get upset when a woman marries a wealthy man. The first category are those women eho aspire to be like her but are unable to locate a man who is rich enough. The second category are those men that are still struggling to make ends meet because their egos have been let down since they can’t get a woman like her.

Mitchel Ihueze

Current Miss Universe Nigeria, Mitchel Ihueze She added that thinking a woman have to marry a broke man to prove true love is a shallow way of thinking. Doyin wondered why anyone would get mad at another person’s marriage. SEE POSTS: 

“He will run mad soon” – Bobrisky begs Davido to unblock Samklef following his outburst

Samklef Davido Bobrisky

Samklef Davido Bobrisky

Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky expresses concern over the mental health of music executive, Samklef, as he begs Davido to unblock him. Samklef and the Afrobeats act, Davido, haven’t been on the best of terms after the former decided to share a video of the singer’s wife and twins leaving the hospital.

Bobrisky Samklef Davido

Bobrisky. Ever since, an aggrieved Samklef has kept on releasing receipts to show how Davido had been rude to him on the day he posted the video, and has been irritated that Davido blocked him on Instagram. Bobrisky has surmised that if nothing is done, Samklef risks running mad with anger over Davido.

Samklef Davido Bobrisky

Samklef. The fashionable Rich Mummy of Lagos has interceded to ask Davido to unblock Samklef. He went on to lambaste Samklef for his inability to let go and move on from the fight. His words … “I swear Samklef will run mad soon. We all need to go and beg David to unblock at dis point. Damn bro is been two weeks leave him alone Jesus. He’s still crying till date haaaa ifamisi ena GBAMI KE” Refer to post below …

“No be only me dey mad for here”

Wizkid shares funny dream he had, leaks chat with man

Nigerian singer, Wizkid, has shared his chat with a fan while noting that he’s not the only one with a mental challenge. The drama started after the Afrobeat singer took to his official TikTok account to share a dream he had.

Wizkid shares funny dream he had, leaks chat with man

Wizkid shares his chat with man
Photo credit: @Wizkidayo/Instagram According to Wizkid, he had a dream where he witnessed everybody searching diligently for ‘tomorrow.’ Wizkid said in the dream he had, there was no tomorrow but everybody was still bent on finding it. “Wait. Nevermind. Actually mind. Na so I dream oooo say tomorrow no dey. All of us come together dey find tomorrow”, Wizkid wrote. Reacting to this, a fan sent Wizkid a message to find out if people later found ‘tomorrow’, a question which threw Wizkid off balance. “We later find am? Make I know if I go stop hustle today o”, the fan asked. Wizkid responded: “Omo no be only me dey mad for here o.” Reacting to this, Ijoba National said: “I like wizkid kind of vibe. Chill smoke Igbo, come online read funny things don’t comment or like any, then after like 2-3months come online scatter everywhere dem run leave una again. Man too chill to Dey rant online.” Gynola wrote: “He’s hilarious, the post was funny seeing it on ig, no be only him dey mad.” Sir Bigwiz reacted: “Don go smoke him loud again hit fit talk say make we dey expect new single next week Friday baba Werey lol.” Miami asked: “Basito why you go buy that sehidu blunt for Baba Nla after I don tell you make you no day go there again.” Slidelly added: “Na who some people they troll be this o. Height of unseriounes if any word like that.”

In other news, Ayo ‘Wizkid‘ Balogun revealed the compassionate side of him as he reveals he feels bad whenever he kills a bug. In a post share on his Instagram story, the singer who is fondly known as Machala said that he feels better after squashing a bug because he thinks of the life it probably leads. In another post he added that his More Love Tour would be partly geared towards treating every bug with dignity and respect. Wizkid wrote: “Every time I kill a bug I feel real bad! ‘That n*gga prob had his b*tch at home waiting on him . Damn! “ In another post he wrote: “Ok I’m about to go on tour and I promise we go treat every bug with dignity and Love! #MoreLoveTour23”

Mad woman attacks ex-friend who allegedly made her mad and snatched her husband in public (Video)


Mad woman attacks friend who made her mad and snatched her husband in pubic (Video)

A mad woman has caused a stir on social media after she attacked her friend who snatched her husband and made her mad. In a video shared online, the mad woman was seen holding the clothes of her friend firmly while accusing her of snatching her husband and causing her madness. The friend who was identified as Chioma in the video kept denying knowing the mad woman but the gathered crowd kept pressing her to tell the truth. Many believed the words of the mad woman because they claim she has never attacked anyone on that stretch nor shown any violent act since she started parading as a mad woman on the stretch. However, after several threats from the crowd to lynch the friend she confessed to being responsible for the woman’s madness. Watch the video below.

Man nearly runs mad as wife elopes to UK with their kids, lover

Man nearly runs mad as wife elopes to UK with their kids and her lover

Man nearly runs mad as wife elopes to UK with their kids and her lover

A man reportedly almost went mad after his wife ran away with their children and her lover to the UK. The account was shared on Twitter by a netizen identified as Daddy JJ.

Man nearly runs mad as wife elopes to UK with their kids and her lover

According to Daddy JJ, the lady, who’s a nurse in Akure, had abandoned her husband and two kid to fly out to the UK with her ex. However, following a lengthy divorce process, the lady took access to the children. The narrator said that she comes twice a year from abroad to visit them; and recently, she took the kids away to UK without the man’s knowledge. Daddy JJ wrote: “”An Uncle of mine nearly ran mad when his wife eloped with her old-school lover in the mid-90s. The lady abandoned her 2 little boys & ran with the Ex to the UK. She was a Nurse in Akure then. Years later, she was granted access to the kids after a lengthy divorce process…. She would come 2ce in a year from the UK to visit them at school. Did that for a year & the 2nd year, she ran away with the kids & Egbon never saw them again”

“People are mad at greatness and what they envy” – Tolani Baj on why she no longer engage trolls (Video)

"People are mad at greatness and what they envy" – Tolani Baj on why she no longer engage trolls (Video)

Reality star and professional disc jockey, Tolani Baj has spoken on why she doesn’t get mad at people anymore.

Tolani Baj people mad greatness troll

In a recent chat with BTS Reality explained that people usually get mad when they perceive someone or something to be great. And when they realize that they cannot be that person, they become envious and get even more mad. She said that she has realized this and has limited how mad she gets at people because she knows they cannot be her. The BBNaija star who recently took up DJ’ing as a career added that people can be more than one thing in this world, and nobody has the right to question what you want to be. Watch her speak: “People are usually mad at what they envy” – Tolani Baj pic.twitter.com/Klj8hNfOiY — 🐬 @𝗼𝗻𝗲𝗷𝗼𝗯𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗯𝗼𝘆 (@OneJoblessBoy) April 18, 2023

I told God to make me run mad if I hit my wife

I told God to make me run mad if I hit my wife

Nollywood actor Junior Pope has shared a vow he made with God and the consequences that should follow if ever he hit his wife, Jennifer Awele. 

Junior pope

  This disclosure comes after Junior Pope was questioned on some marital challenges and lessons he has learned in the many years of his marriage with his wife. Speaking in an interview with The Punch, he disclosed that their marriage wasn’t rosy in the first year. He recounted how he borrowed his wife’s gold jewelry to borrow money from an aboki. He said; “Back then it seemed like it wasn’t working, it was not easy at all. I have not mentioned it before but to the glory of God, today let me share this. After I got married, the first year was not rosy; I collected my wife’s gold jewelry and used it to borrow money from aboki. So, I give Him the glory for giving me a patient wife. “Why would I want to touch a woman like this? God forbid. One thing I told myself and God is that the day I lay my hands on my wife, let me run mad. Instead, I walk away”, he answered after being asked if he has gone to the limit of hitting his wife.

Junior pope and wife

While explaining how he combines fame with being a family man, Junior Pope said; “My dad taught me all even though he didn’t spare the rod to spoil me. I grew up with a disciplinarian, so you need to pick from all areas and add up. So, the part I didn’t see in my dad is what I am giving to my children and that is the playful part. This is how I try to balance the equation. As a celebrity, you must know where you are coming from. Once you let this celebrity thing get into your head, then you are heading for a fall. Imagine as big as Mercy Johnson is, and the way she is so humble to her husband, why will their home have a problem?    

“This guy don dey mad tey tey” – Throwback video of Portable during EndSARS protest gets tongues wagging

“This guy don dey mad tey tey” – Throwback video of Portable during EndSARS protest gets tongues wagging

A throwback video of controversial Nigerian musician, Portable, taken during the end SARS protest has resurfaced online. In the hilarious video, Portable was spotted lying on his back and making funny sounds while being interviewed by some journalists. Some passers-by who gathered at the scene to watch Portable laughed loudly while others just shook their …

Man reportedly runs mad after failing to repay money borrowed from loan app (Video)

Man reportedly runs mad after failing to repay money borrowed from loan app (Video)

A human rights activist by the name Ahmed Isa has recounted how a man became mentally deranged after he failed to pay back the money he took from a loan app.

Man mad loan app

According to the activist, a man had taken a loan of 56,000 naira from a popular loan app and was paying back in installments until he became broke. Since he was unable to pay, the loan sharks began hounding him for the money and took the drastic action of sending defamatory messages to his contacts alleging that he’s a thief and fraudster. Mr Ahmed Isa, the narrator, revealed that the man had his prospective employer (having recently gone for a job interview) on his contact and the message was also sent to him. His future father-in-law whose daughter he had sought for marriage blocked his number after the defamatory message was also sent to him. Ahmed Isa warned people against taking money from loan sharks because there are usually hidden repercussions which borrowers know nothing about. Watch the video below: