Nigerian mother seen anointing daughter’s new waist beads

Nigerian mother seen anointing daughter's new waist beads

A Nigerian lady shared a video capturing her mother anointing her sister’s new waist beads, followed by a prayer to protect her from any potential evil. The footage quickly went viral, garnering widespread admiration. The video, which has since captivated the attention of netizens, showcases a Nigerian mother and her daughter engaging in a significant ritual. The mother is seen meticulously anointing the newly acquired waist beads, carefully rubbing them together in her palm. As she does so, she recites prayers, beseeching divine intervention to shield her daughter from any harm or negative energy associated with the beads. @Magdalene Chapman said; “Its very important” @TheMan said; “This gender can be so unstable. Women should be put in CHECK by men” @Timi Elayelagha said; “The best thing I have seen all day.” @Oga Ndi Oga said; “So that more senseless men will be caught.” @Anonymous said; ” The practice of blessing or consecrating African traditional waist beads before wearing them can vary depending on cultural and religious beliefs. In many African cultures, waist beads hold symbolic and spiritual significance, and individuals may choose to have them blessed or infused with spiritual intentions before wearing them. Some individuals believe that by blessing waist beads, they can enhance their spiritual connection, bring good luck, protection, or promote specific intentions such as fertility…” See below;

Curvy lady barber dances, whines waist gently as she puts finishing touches on customer’s hair

Curvy lady barber dances, whines waist gently as she puts finishing touches on customer's hair

In the world of social media, a mesmerizing video showcasing the remarkable skills of a curvy lady barber has been capturing the attention and admiration of viewers. The short video, shared by @elemoluchi, features the curvy lady expertly putting the finishing touches on a customer’s hair, while also treating everyone to some impressive waist dance moves.

U dey do home service abeg?

A photo of the curvy lady barber. Photo credit:@elemoluchi Source: Instagram The video begins with the curvy lady focused on her craft, effortlessly perfecting her customer’s hairstyle. As she skillfully maneuvers the barber tools, she takes a brief moment to display her amazing waist dance skills. With gentle yet captivating movements, she gracefully showcases her endowed beauty, effortlessly blending her love for her work with her passion for dancing. The comments section has been flooded with appreciative remarks from viewers who thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the lady barber’s talents. @chukwuegguonyekac reacted; “I want to cut my hair too no be only that guy go enjoy this.” @User5932031230492 said; “Send me the location, I want to barb.” @User87916250663467 wrote; “Where be the location abeg my hair don full.” @redcard647484 commented; “You look so beautiful my dear friend.” @SteveFx said: “U de do home service.” @OmataCynthia said;  “I love the happiness and vibes.” @chukwuegguonyekac reacted; “I want to cut my hair too no be only that guy go enjoy this.” @User87916250663467 wrote; “Where be the location abeg my hair don full.” See below; @elemoluchi ♬ On Kolos (obumneme) – Sooflashy

Nigerian lady with tiny waist dances to Rema’s ‘Charm’

Nigerian lady with tiny waist dances to Rema's 'Charm'

A captivating video of a petite Nigerian lady showcasing her dance skills to Rema’s popular song “Charm” has set social media platforms abuzz with excitement. Since its release on April 28, 2023, “Charm” has emerged as a sensational hit, inspiring numerous dance performances and gaining popularity among music enthusiasts.

A photo of the Nigerian lady with a tiny waist who took the internet by storm as she danced to Rema’s song. Photo Credit: @ Source: Tiktok In the viral clip, a talented dancer named Sommie took the spotlight, demonstrating her impressive moves and capturing the attention of viewers with her graceful and sizzling performance. With a flat tummy on display, she skillfully whined her waist in sync with the infectious beat of the song. The video left many mesmerized, particularly women, who expressed admiration for her slender waistline and were curious to learn about her fitness routine and secrets to maintaining it. The astounding dance routine garnered immense praise from the online community, prompting numerous individuals to tag Rema, the artist behind “Charm,” on TikTok. @ngoni queen said; “I tried to do this but my stomach removed to move.” @user6528574766628 said; “My waist used to be like this but now I’m prego” @PRETTY AUTHORITY said; “When Rema screamed “see body o” he had u in mind another one plsssss @Blossy wrote; “I just know this see body music has never been for me you look beautiful dear.” @SheeKimkim said; “This is how I imagine myself looking when my guy say I look good, knowing quite well ‘this’ is somewhere beneath some layers of fat. we move @Lydia Ngugi wrote; “Is my stomach seeing how other stomachs are looking.” @Iklima said: “My stomach has so much potential to be like this, but I like rice.” See below; @sommie23 nah cos cramps are killing me & im currently in this cardboard box, wait till i have more space! 😭😭😭 #foryoupage #tiktoknigeria #fypシ #charmrema ♬ Charm – Rema

“You no do comedy again?” – Emmanuella stirs reactions as she whines waist in new video

“You no do comedy again?” – Emmanuella stirs reactions as she whines waist in new video

“You no do comedy again?” – Emmanuella stirs reactions as she whines waist in new video

Emmanuella Samuel, a popular teenage comedienne, has caught the attention of many with a recent dance video she shared on TikTok, a popular video-sharing platform. The young comedian, who gained fame a few years ago for her unique style of comedic acting, took to her TikTok account to share a video of herself dancing to the remix of Victony’s hit track, ‘Soweto‘. In the clip, Emmanuella showcased her dance moves and swayed her waist in sync with the background music. The video sparked numerous comments from internet users, with some expressing surprise at her rapid growth and others questioning her career path. Reacting to the video, Mabel commented: “Ned Nwoko watching and waiting” Augustine Puis questioned: “You no dey dey do comedy again ni? or you don tall pass comedy?” Emmanuella rose to prominence after her appearance in a comedy skit titled “This is Not My Real Face” by Mark Angel, a Nigerian comedian, and YouTube personality. The video quickly went viral on various social media platforms, amassing millions of views and propelling Emmanuella into the spotlight. Her natural talent for delivering humorous lines with impeccable timing and expressive facial expressions captured the hearts of people around the world. See the video and comments below:

Reactions trail Zubby Michael’s comment to lady who tattooed his name on her waist

Reactions trail Zubby Michael’s comment to lady who tattooed his name on her waist

"Propose marriage to her" - Reactions over Zubby Michael’s reaction to lady who tattooed his name on her waist

Some Nigerian celebrities have reacted to the comment made by actor Zubby Michael after a lady tattooed his name on her waist. Most people are fond of tattooing the names of their favorite mentors on some part of their bodies to express their love for these celebrities. zubby Michael A die-hard fan of Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael has been captured in a video where she tattooed the name of the actor on her waist. Reacting to the video of the lady who tattooed his name on her waist, Zubby took to his page and shared with the caption, “Thanks and GOD bless🔥GOD is real #ZM #A1 #doings #nawedeyhere #blessup”. However, the reactions of Zubby Michael have triggered reactions from the likes of TV host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, and actor, Kunle Remi who felt his reaction was not encouraging. @Ebuka Obi Uchendu wrote: “E say na thanks and God bless 😩”. @Kunle Remi wrote: “Is that all you say? @zubby “thanks and God bless” 😂😂😂😂 instead of you to propose and marry her.. you fall my hand.”

Ayra Starr alarmed as fans drool over video of mum whining waist to her song


Sensational vocalist, Ayra Starr has enveloped her mum in prayers as fans drool over a video of her dancing beautifully to her song.

Ayra Starr mother dancing

The singer took to her social media page to share a video of her young looking mum dancing to her hit song, Stability. Her mum who was wearing a gym clothe that accentuated her figure was whining to the beat of the song. The comment section was abuzz with remarks from smitten fans who expressed various lascivious views. Watch the video below: My mom just sent me this video 🥺😭🤍 — Celestial being (@ayrastarr) February 24, 2023 Ayra Starr who was alarmed by this quickly took to her Twitter page to hand her beautiful mum to Jesus Christ to safeguard her. Taking to her Twitter page, she wrote: “I cover my mother with the blood of Jesus.”

“Her backside set” – Fans gush over Tems’ body as she rolls waist


Nigerian singer, Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems, recently flaunted her backside while performing on a stage surfaced. The Grammy-winning singer was seen in a trending video shaking her backside on stage as fans screamed in excitement.

She was performing her hit song “Damages” on stage when suddenly, she stopped singing and began to shake her big backside. She went ahead to place her hands on her head while still displaying her incredible and alluring dance moves.

Social media users have penned down their thoughts regarding the clip with many praising Tems and her physique. Some others however noted that Tems was gradually drifting away from her ‘good girl pattern’ and now acting ‘sexy’ on stage like her female colleagues. Watch the video below:

Unbelievable — Reactions as Fela’s 61-year-old daughter, Yeni Kuti whines waist (Video)

Yeni Kuti

Yeni Kuti

Unbelievable – Reactions as Fela’s 61-year-old daughter Yeni Kuti whines waist like teenager as she dances energetically in video

Yeni Kuti, the 61-year-old daughter of Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti has shocked fans after a video of her dancing energetically went viral.
Yeni kuti
Yeni Kuti has attracted a lot of attention from social media users after she shared a video of herself dancing and whining her waist like a 16-year-old teenager.
According to reports, Yeni Kuti showed her dancing skills at the 40th birthday party of one of their family members. However, Yeni Kuti went haywire after the DJ  played her nephew, Made’s hit song “Free your mind”.
Yeni with other ladies was seen on the dancing floor as she showed her dancing skills which amazed a lot of people.
She captioned her post, “Chaiii!!! DJ played Free Your mind o!!! We freed not only our minds but our bodies too”.


“She dey flaunt waist for police”

"She dey flaunt waist for police"

US-based Nigerian dancer and song writer, Korra Obidi, has been dragged online after sharing a video flaunting her waist for police officers.
The dancer visited Nigeria few days ago and announced her search for a Nigerian man to date.

However, in her recent video, the playful dancer incorporated police officers into her videos which didn’t sit well with netizens.
One of the videos showed the officer resting her hand on his shoulder. She further gave out gentle dance moves while the security agent gazed.

Korra Obidi went on to twerk in front of the officer which didn’t sit well with netizens.
Reacting to her videos, netizens dragged the dancer for doing ‘too much’ while some pointed out that the police officers could be withdrawn because of this.
Watch the videos below: