Israel DMW calls out wife’s friend who’s housing her

Israel DMW friend Abuja

Israel DMW friend Abuja

Famous singer, Davido’s aide, Israel DMW calls out his wife’s friend, Ginika who’s reportedly housing Sheila in Abuja. It was reported earlier that the socialite dragged his wife for hiding behind the facade of church when they met and then switching up when they got married.

Israel DMW wife's friend Abuja

Israel and Sheila. Using his experience, he advised men to ensure they don’t marry because of church or mosque and that a lot of times, it is best to go for rich partners and not poor one. In a fresh post, he had dragged a certain Ginika for holding his wife in Abuja. According to him, the certain Ginika is into olosho business in FCT. He wrote … “Ginika. You can’t be keeping a legally married woman at Fome for abuja OLOSHO business: If in ur Igbo land, there’s*no culture, there’s in our edo state. Get a good life for urself thanks” See post …

Husband storms wife’s graduation to celebrate her in grand style

"Is your husband single?" – Husband storms wife's graduation to celebrate her in grand style

Husband visits his nursing wife as she graduates from the university, brings money bouquet and a huge money cake to celebrate her. The heartwarming video was shared on TikTok by the wife as she gushed over her husband.

Graduating lady The man turned up for his wife as he stormed her school bearing monetary gifts. In the clip which she shared on her TikTok page, the man, helped by some fellows, brought a huge money cake, and he held a money bouquet which he gave her. He then began spraying money on her to celebrate her sign out from the higher institution. She celebrate her husband via the caption as she lavished high praises on him. Read some reactions below: @Oma ❤️👑 said: “Is your husband single?🤔” @J🫧❤️‍🩹 wrote: “congratulations mommy. I tap from your blessings” @Benkybabe❤️🥰 said: “Congratulations Asa kaywise” @Favour_simon stated: “See as i the smile here, omo e go on film for my wife chaiiiiiiiii.” @chijindu lilian said: “is Ur husband brother single asking for a friend 😂😂” @Berry of Good Life🦋☮️🤍 wrote: “Congratulations dear🥰” Watch the video below: @asakaywise #graduation #fyp #husbandwife ♬ original sound – Bibyonce

“My wife’s friends who made her leave me are now my side chics” – Taxi driver

"My wife’s friends who made her leave me are now my side chics" – Taxi driver

A Nigerian man, Emmanuel Echeta has recounted his intriguing meeting with a Bolt driver who confided in him about marital problems, where his wife’s friends advised her to leave him. The driver informed him that his wife had listened to the advice of her friends, who said that he was not providing adequate care for her and that she should leave him.

taxi driver wife side chics

Taxi Driver. The intruging part is that the same people who advised her to abandon her marriage have been trailing her spouse home. According to Emmanuel, the woman left her cab driver husband a month later. The driver’s neighbor had to contact her to let her know what was going on after noticing that he was consistently returning home with his wife’s female friends. Emmanuel tweeted. “Bolt driver was telling me how his wife’s girlfriends advised her to leave him because he wasn’t doing enough. A month after she left, his neighbour called to tell her that her husband had been bringing her girlfriends home weekend after weekend. I tipped him after the ride.” See photo below:

Married man cries out over his wife’s addiction to cartoons

GistReel Entertainment

“Na last born you go marry” — Reactions as man cry out over his 37 year old wife watching too much cartoons“Na last born you go marry” — Reactions as man cry out over his 37 year old wife watching too much cartoons A family man has cried out via anonymous about his wife watching too much cartoons with their sons. The married man admits that she does all her duties as a wife but he believes that she has grown past cartoons. In his words; “My wife, 37 years old, enjoys watching cartoon even more than our kids. When I say cartoon, I mean animated movies.
Our first boy is 14 years old down to our last who is currently 4 years old.
They’ve turned the home into a cartoon home.
They are soo addicted, they sing their songs, do their dances and discuss those things all the time.
My wife at her age will be running as if something strange was happening and she forgets herself to be an adult sometimes.
I’ve tried to explain to her that I don’t really like it, I don’t complain because they are being happy but, I don’t understand my wife’s addiction. Even when the kids aren’t around, she’ll be watching animated movies alone. Once they get home, she’s going to narrate all she watched to them and even demonstrate with actions some funny/emotional scenes.
I feel like something is wrong, I don’t really get her sometimes. She doesn’t even watch the movies I want us to watch together unless I really encourage her. She acts like me not watching those their cartoons with them, I’m missing out on something great.
Is there something I can do to help her? It’s somehow bothering me.
Kindly note that, she’s fully employed and still does her duties as a wife and a mother. I don’t have any problem on that side, I just feel she’s addicted to animated movies when actually, she has grown pass it.” See post below “Na last born you go marry” — Reactions as man cry out over his 37 year old wife watching too much cartoons “Na last born you go marry” — Reactions as man cry out over his 37 year old wife watching too much cartoons “Na last born you go marry” — Reactions as man cry out over his 37 year old wife watching too much cartoons “Na last born you go marry” — Reactions as man cry out over his 37 year old wife watching too much cartoons
Some reactions to the post @onlyfadek reacted: “Na last born u marry 😂” @marcoben228 said: “Is what she like na 😂” @bi4515 insists: “This cartoon is cool 😎” @HitzLuzick added: “Let a lady enjoy things, please. Cartoons are so refreshing biko.”

Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan wife’s new video raises pregnancy rumors

Ned Nwoko's Moroccan wife’s new video raises pregnancy rumors

The Morrocan wife of politician Ned Nwoko, Laila Charani, has sparked pregnancy rumours with her new video shared online. The socialite, who is also married to billionaire politician Ned Nwoko, shared a seductive video with her followers on her official Instagram page. Laila looked stunning in the video as she wore various outfits and strolled around her surroundings while grinning broadly. The billionaire wife gushed about her own femininity in a brief caption that she posted to go along with the video. She penned:

Ned Nwoko's Moroccan wife’s new video raises pregnancy rumors

Laila Charani, Wife of Ned Nwoko. Source: Google “I am woman”. Watch video HERE Read some of their comments below: fatu_humble3: “Your beauty is outstandingly beautiful and original, not artificial like others we know. At least you don’t need artificial beauty, filters, extreme face paint, or a photo shoot to stand out. You’re already outstanding, stunning, classy, and elegant.” 21stella3: “Congratulations on your pregnancy.” shannonbredeen: “The main wife of Ned .” eslavy_boutique: “Please get another pregnancy for your husband you are so beautiful.” joyceegbera: “Naturally endowed head, hair to toe. Keep that way please.” Vv_348: “Stick with your own style my darling! stick with your originality.” el.egantebelle: “You look elegant.” mimiflytwin: “I see a little bunny Congratulations!”

Father of ‘mummy calm’ boy breaks silence following wife’s death

Father of 'mummy calm' boy breaks silence following wife's death

The father of viral little ‘mummy calm down’ boy has finally spoken up following his wife’s unexpected demise. The young man however gave a different account of his wife’s tragic demise compared to what their neighbors have reported. The incident, which occurred in Benin City, Edo State, has raised questions about the circumstances leading to her death. According to Lawal, upon returning from the market, he allegedly found their two-year-old child crying. He rushed into the house and discovered his wife hanging from a rope tied to the ceiling. Acting swiftly, he loosened the rope and called for help from their neighbors. He said that the neighbors arrived and assisted him in removing the rope from his wife’s neck. However, the neighbors have contradicted Lawal’s account. They claim that when they responded to his cries for help, they found him lying on top of his wife, with no mention of a rope being involved. This conflicting testimony has added further complexity to the investigation. Recall that Toluige Olokobi Babalola, is the woman who, along with her son, gained internet fame in 2021 after a viral video showed the little boy pleading with her saying “Be calming down and rest a little”. The shocking news of her death emerged this week when a user on Twitter revealed that Toluige committed suicide in Benin, Edo State, for reasons yet to be determined. Following the conflicting accounts, the Edo State Police Command has initiated a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Toluige’s untimely death. The Police Public Relations Officer, Chidi Nwabuzor, confirmed that the Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Dankwara, has ordered the transfer of the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further examination. The police have recovered the rope and a purported suicide note, allegedly written by Toluige. However, upon inspecting the deceased’s body, no signs of violence were found, leaving investigators puzzled. The absence of physical evidence has intensified the need for a comprehensive investigation to determine the truth behind Toluige’s tragic demise.

“She’s always appreciative” – Husband upgrades wife’s android phone to iPhone, her reaction melts hearts

"She's always appreciative" - Husband upgrades wife's android phone to iPhone, her reaction melts hearts

In a heartwarming display of love, a viral video on TikTok has captured the touching moment when a husband surprises his wife by upgrading her Android phone to an iPhone. The video, which was shared on TikTok, showcases the wife’s ecstatic reaction as she unwraps the carefully concealed gift, revealing the Apple logo on the phone. It’s revealed that she had been using an Android phone for an extended period but had always harbored a dream of owning an iPhone.

The surprise unfolded as she unwrapped the gift to find the shiny, sleek iPhone. Overwhelmed with joy, she could hardly believe her eyes as the screen illuminated with the familiar Apple logo, confirming the authenticity of the product. Her dream had come true, and her emotions were vividly captured in the video. The wife’s reaction was nothing short of heartwarming. In a moment filled with gratitude and happiness, she warmly embraced her husband, expressing her profound appreciation for his thoughtful and generous gesture. The video quickly gained traction on TikTok, amassing thousands of views and likes within a short span of time. Netizens Reactions… @Ceejaykent reacted: “Baba where you go find this fine girl from. Please I need her sister to marry biko.” @Honey6837363 said; “I just day smile like mumu,ha love sweet o.” @User8473737733673: said; “I for copy you but my babe just dey insult me everyday.” @Goldberg362 said; “That’s how a good wife suppose dey oo.” “It’s the people that have gone through the most that understand the value of things in there life.” @Excelcakes4: “God bless you for making her smile.” @Ellamonica151: “You bought same phone as mine even the color.” @FocusMoneyW said; “He who finds a wife finds a good thing. And obtains favor from the LORD God bless you for making her smile.” @Ellajayofficial said; “So this is love.” See below; @fadah_jesse I will always love and cherish you my love @Jesse’s_mom #FAHDAJESSE #youngcouple #viral #youngmom #fyp #pregnancy #makemefamous #100millionviews ♬ original sound – FADAH_JESSE

Man secretly captures Mohbad’s wife’s action in court room, shares video

Man secretly captures Mohbad’s wife’s action in court room, shares video

A TikTok user has sparked an uproar after sharing a video showing Mohbad’s wife’s action inside courtroom. The video shared by @khiff_18 captured late Mohbad’s wife in court, dressed in a black gown with a scarf on her head. In the video, she was seen focused on her phone as she pressed it. The video quickly gained attention on TikTok, drawing mixed reactions from viewers. Netizens took to the comments section to express their thoughts on the video. Some questioned why the video was shared in the first place, asking what was wrong with the young woman using her phone during court proceedings. They argued that pressing her phone did not necessarily indicate any wrongdoing or disrespect. Amidst the debate, many netizens came to Mohbad’s wife’s defense, pointing out that there could be various reasons for her phone usage in court. @Zi NoN said: “Nawa this wunmi I just Dey feel for her.” @Ade Suwa said: “If she look up una say she look up nd look down una say e look down.” @anikeade reacted: “Is not all of una fault walahi nah death course ham.” @PRINCE @_CHINEDUM said: “Wunmi will suffer if truly she’s the one who killed her late husband Mohbad I swear.” @adeotikenny said: “You people don’t even know what she might be passing Tru, husband death is not a joke ask me hmmmm.” @Blessing sule oyiza reacted: “So mke she no press fone again?” @ifeola099 commented: “There is nothing she will do at this moment that u people will not use against her.” @Pretty commented: “Wilhi I feel for her
only God knows what she is going through.” @Chinenye _Nwa206 said: “Y’all should just focus on your problem and let this girl be.” @AYO MIDE A reacted: “Make she they dance .?” See the video below: @khiff_18 #justiceforMohbad💔🇳🇬 #Mohbad wife in court #fypシ゚viral #viralvideo ♬ PARIWO – Mohbad & Bella Shmurda

“Submission in marriage is not about your wife’s money”

"Submission in marriage is not about your wife's money" - Nigerian lawyer and pastor's wife says it's husband's duty to provide for family

Nigerian lawyer and pastor’s wife, Jemimah Ifeng, emphasized the husband’s duty to provide for the family in marriage, while acknowledging the significance of wives who wish to contribute financially on a voluntary basis. Addressing husbands directly, Ifeng highlighted that the concept of submission in marriage has nothing to do with a wife’s financial contributions. Rather, she stressed that it is the husband’s primary responsibility to ensure the well-being of the family through provision and support. Her post garnered significant attention and sparked discussions on gender roles and responsibilities within the institution of marriage. She wrote; “Husbands, Submission In Marriage Has Nothing To Do With Your Wife’s Money. It’s Your Duty To Provide, Whatever Help She Wants To Give Should Be Voluntary.” See below;


“Assisting your family secretly without your wife’s consent is cheating” – Lady argues, Nigerians react

"Assisting your family secretly without your wife's consent is cheating" – Lady argues, Nigerians react

Lady says husband assisting family without wife’s consent is cheating A lady has sparked an online debate as she claims that a man is cheating when he secretly assists his family without his wife’s consent. In a discussion about the various forms and acts of cheating and infidelity in marriages, the lady said that giving out assistance by the husband to his family is also cheating when he doesn’t seek the wife’s consent to do so. Her words read; “Assisting your family secretly without your wife consent is also cheating in marriage.”

Her statement has garnered different views from other social media users who argued in favour and against her opinion. Check out other netizens reactions … princewilson_ posited: “If aman has to “secretly” help his family/members or assist them when it’s within his power, then you should check yourself, you’re not a good wife” ajuba101 said: “If as a man, you can’t give to your family without the permission of you wife; you’re a disappointment to your family. You don’t need your woman’s consent to do anything for your family. If her family has problems, who does he tell?” timzytim5 opined: “If he has to “secretly” do it then you’re the problem.” onyinye_bakee said: “Na so ena take dey carry pikin wey person [email protected] born. | go carry my son for months u go tell am make e no help me. U lie.” ekanemaffi observed: “Some people make this marriage sound like bondage. God abeg.” xena_sage wrote “The fact he even has to “secretly” help his family says a lot about the wife.” ire_yi_mika said: “But assisting your own family isn’t cheatina right”