“We are hungry” – Moment Lagos residents refuse cheers, cry out to President Tinubu as his convoy passes

"We are hungry" - Moment Lagos residents refuse cheers, cry out to President Tinubu as his convoy passes

"We are hungry" - Moment Lagos residents refuse cheers, cry out to President Tinubu as his convoy passes

In a video that has since gone viral, residents of Lagos State were captured expressing their frustrations to President Bola Tinubu, who is currently on holiday in the state. The incident unfolded as the president’s convoy passed through Idumota market in Lagos Island. The video showcases a notable lack of enthusiasm from the crowd as the president’s convoy navigated through the populated market. Instead of the expected cheers and waves, traders and bystanders could be heard expressing their grievances in Yoruba, with chants of “Ebi npa wa oo,” meaning “we are hungry.”  

"We are hungry" - Moment Lagos residents refuse cheers, cry out to President Tinubu as his convoy passes

The residents, lining both sides of the road, took the opportunity to voice their concerns about the economic challenges they are facing. The discontent was palpable as onlookers refused to shower the president with traditional cheers, opting instead to draw attention to their struggles and hardships. As the convoy passed through the ever-busy market, people could be seen sharing their stories of economic woes. See below;

Caucasian man and kids cry as nanny set to leave them for holiday

"So emotional" - Caucasian man and his four kids burst into tears as nanny set to travel back to her country for a holiday

A video capturing the emotional moment a Caucasian man and his four kids burst into tears as their nanny was about to depart for her home country has gone viral online. In the video, a young father of four was seen holding tightly onto his kids, reluctantly allowing the nanny to leave.

"So emotional" - Caucasian man and his four kids burst into tears as nanny set to travel back to her country for a holiday

Caucasian man and his kids. However, the little kids tried to free themselves, crying and unable to bear watching their nanny depart. The father, left with no other option, appeared deeply emotional as he eventually released the kids, who rushed to where the nanny was standing, embracing her in an attempt to prevent her from leaving. This touching video garnered attention from social media users, many of whom took to the comments section to praise the nanny for the impact she made on the family. Check out some reactions below: Okoth MC.Okoth: “‎so emotional. am also shading tears.” purity money: “‎we twins roll with amazing soul…… please call her back for the sake of this kids.” mom of one: “‎congratulations dear for love the nanny seems gd to the kids.” user24213871906244: “‎if you look at her videos , you see the family surprise Rosie during her birthday.” user809464383910 joviah: “‎on this earth dey good hearted people ,look at this family much love from uganda.” crazybird bree: “‎I feel for the kids am crying too.” luicita: “‎I’m also crying for the love Rosie brought to this Family.” Thabi Q: “‎They must renew her contract she was very good to these children hle.” cyddy02: “‎am so happy for u gal for them to means your treatment was the best.” WATCH VIDEO: @babycare335 Replying to @Boss lady #Tabby #fyp ♬ original sound – Gospel lyrics @babycare335 Replying to @adammazengo #Tabby ♬ original sound – Gospel lyrics

“I thought he’d cry!” – Bride shocked as she sees her dad dancing and partying hard on her wedding day

"I thought he'd cry!" - Bride shocked as she sees her dad dancing and partying hard on her wedding day

A video capturing a bride’s shock at her father’s unexpected dance moves on her wedding day has gone viral, leaving viewers in stitches and warming their hearts. The video, posted by the bride herself, showcases a moment that defied traditional expectations. Anticipating a tearful walk down the aisle with her father, the bride was in for a surprise when her dad broke into dance moves that left everyone in attendance amused and entertained. Instead of the anticipated emotional handover to her groom, the father took the opportunity to showcase his dance skills, turning the solemn occasion into a joyous celebration.

The video captures the father’s sheer delight and excitement as he boogies down the aisle, seemingly unfazed by the traditional solemnity of the event. The bride, stunned by her father’s unexpected behavior, jokingly remarked that her dad seemed more thrilled to be “getting rid of her” than shedding tears at giving her away. The infectious energy and unexpected dance moves of the father resonated with many viewers, with the video racking up flurry of comments. Users have flooded the comment section with laughter and heart emojis, expressing their delight at the father’s unique and heartwarming reaction. Netizens Reactions… B ekee reacted; “My dad no go laugh sef,or cry,or dance he’ll sit like he was forced to be there.” Olasunmade said; “Finally she’s no longer my responsibility vibes.” Theappleofgodseyes wrote; “Lmaooo I didn’t see my uncle cry. He was the life of the party.”  Hardufeh commented: “Daddy was so happy to send you off.” Teju_sophia wrote; “He was like bye Felicia.” Sadia Kasha said; “The way my mum want me to leave her house.” Seyifunmi said; “Man was excited.”  See below; @ayahattih3 The man was too happy to send me away… #bridaltiktok #weddingtiktok #nigerianwedding ♬ original sound – Ayah Ademilua

Person wey dey cry few days ago

ighalo's wife sonia beg crying

ighalo's wife sonia beg crying

Sonia, the estranged wife of popular footballer Jude Ighalo, drags her husband as she hints that he came begging and crying to her some days ago. The two estranged former lovebirds have taken swipes at each other on social media following their separation.

Ighalo's wife ighalo beg cry

Sonia Ighalo, estranged wife of Jude Ighalo. Earlier, Igalos’s estranged wife, Sonia had taken to social media to throw a shade at him as she described him as a narcissist who suddenly began having panic attacks after realizing that she isn’t coming back to him. Ighalo also took to his page to throw a counter shade at her, saying that she can never see him ‘finish’. She shared a screenshot of an IG user telling the footballer never to beg his estranged wife to return to him. The Ig user, ogheneOvo said: “If u beg that lady when Dey look for public
attention, na b say u b Mumu billionaire” Ighalo had simply laughed it off. However, Sonia captioned the screenshot the comment saying that he was crying to her only some few days ago. She wrote … “Keep deceiving your gullible
followers. Person wey de cry few days ago”

One of her post read … “Did you see what your mum is doing
she’s disgracing me on social media
e bruh leave our kids out of this A
You humiliated me to the whole
Deal with it, man.
We haven’t even started yet.’
Una go pay PR tire…
To those paid commentators, you all
should keep explaining what you
know nothing about.
Man knows I have the power to
switch things up.
Shallom” Refer to photo below …

Not my best year, but at least I didn’t cry over a man

"Not my best year, but at least I didn't cry over a man"

BBNaija star, Dorathy marked her 28th birthday in a simple yet elegant fashion, capturing the hearts of her fans with a vibrant purple gown and a candid message. The reality star took to her Instagram account to share a glimpse of her special day. Dorathy’s birthday photos featured her in a short, eye-catching purple gown.

Dorathy added more glamour by wearing a long flowered cape and proudly showed off her chic blonde bob hairstyle. She completed the ensemble with a stylish neckpiece and paired it with eye-catching purple shoes. What truly stood out in Dorathy’s birthday message was her candid revelation that she shared with her fans and followers. The reality star captioned her celebration as “Season 20 Episode 8,” adding a dash of intrigue to her special day.

In a heartfelt admission, Dorathy expressed that while the year 2023 might not have been her best year, she took immense pride in the fact that she hadn’t shed a single tear over a man, implying that she had not experienced heartbreak in the past year. “Not my best year but at least I no cry because of man” Fans and followers of Dorathy flooded the comments section with messages of love and support.

“Broke girls go think say na hate speech” – Reactions as Angel explains why it’s better to cry in a Keke Napep than a Bentley

"Broke girls go think say na hate speech" – Reactions as Angel explains why it's better to cry in a Keke Napep than a Bentley

BBNaija star, Angel Smith has sparked reactions online as she explains the reason why a person should be satisfied to cry in a Keke than a Bentley. It is an oft-said maxim that it is better to cry in a Bentley (or any other luxury car) than in a Keke (or any cheap ride).

Angel Smith. However, Angel has disapproved of this saying as she gives her own view which is different. According to her, people should be satisfied with crying in whatever they have even if it’s in a Keke Napep. She said that there are some certain tears that a person can cry in a Bentley that would be worse than that of a person who is crying within the relative comfort. Reacting, natasha_blessing_rasaq penned: “See people need to realize that money doesn’t bring happiness it only excite us , true happiness comes from within, you will be surprised that so many wealthy people are not happy in real life , so if you are broke now and you are praying for God to bless you with wealth , make sure you’re already happy before the wealth comes, money doesn’t brings happiness to you, rather it brings more problems, some of the problems money cannot solve , | pray God bless everyone of us here with our heart desires” kv_by_kelvin said: “Considering that crying will happen in the Keke why will | not choose a comfortable place to cry? Why not? Bentley I cry… Keke I cry.. and you want me to choose Keke to cry inside heat where my tears will not dry on time sweat will mix with my tears wrong na! O wrong !” mr_aondona_ said: “Broke girls go think say na hate speech” speakerrrr_, wrote: “Omo. Tears no get house oh. You fit cry inside wheelbarrow sef” mirian_okudah said: “That’s why adekunle said “money no Dey bring happiness o, na when I get money I realize, but I no be hypocrite, I Dey pray make you get your own too” Watch the video below:

“The world is making me cry through the child you gave me”

GistReel Entertainment

Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of the late talented singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba, who was better known as Mohbad, gets emotional as he pleads to God about the pain he’s facing amidst the controversy of his son’s demise. This comes amidst the divided public opinion on the singer’s death and Mr Aloba’s public opinions about his daughter-in-law, Wunmi.

mohbad's father

Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Afrobeat singer, Mohbad. In a heartfelt song, Mohbad’s father expressed his belief that the world is fighting against him and is using his son as a weapon to hurt him. Mohbad’s father lamented that they caused harm to his son while he was alive and still sought to take advantage of his situation after his passing. He beseeched his Creator for assistance, emphasizing his human vulnerability and powerlessness.

“The world is making me cry through the child you gave me” - Mohbad's father gets emotional

Mohbad’s father looking troubled “What you gave me in Your mercy, they are using it to fight me. The world is making me cry through the child you gave me. They hurt Imole when he was alive and still want to eat his dead body. Please Help me. I am just a human and powerless,” he sang in the Yoruba language. Watch the video below … wonti je oju imole ninu aiye😩
won ma tun ti fe je oku ooo😢 – Mohbad Father Cry out Walai It’s only God that can console this man, nobody can and he will fight for you 😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/IUtuGj4K7I — A. Ayofe (@abdullahayofel) October 28, 2023

EPL: I left Manchester City after Guardiola made me cry

I left Manchester City after Guardiola made me cry - Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus has revealed that he decided to leave Manchester City after coach Pep Guardiola made him cry by leaving him out of the starting lineup in a Champions League game. The 26-year-old spent five trophy-laden years at the Etihad Stadium between 2017 and 2022, winning four Premier League titles as well as scoring 95 goals and providing 46 assists in 236 appearances across all competitions. I left Manchester City after Guardiola made me cry - Gabriel JesusGabriel Jesus celebrating a goal. Source: Reuters Jesus was regarded by many as the heir to legendary striker Sergio Aguero at Man City, but the Brazilian called time on his spell with the Citizens in search of regular first-team football and joined Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal for around £45m last summer. Before departing the Etihad, Jesus was the only recognized striker at Man City, but he preferred to operate out wide under Guardiola, leaving the Catalan boss without a natural focal point before the arrival of Erling Haaland. Speaking to the “Denilson Show” podcast, Gabriel Jesus said the turning point in his City career came during their home game against Paris Saint-Germain in November 2021 when he was named on the bench by Pep Guardiola. Jesus replaced Zinchenko in the second half and set up the equaliser before scoring a late winner to give City a 2-1 win. He said; “There was a Champions League game, PSG, at home, in which he put [Oleksandr] Zinchenko as a false 9. Crazy thing. The day before, he didn’t even use [Zinchenko] in training, he had put me in as a striker. … Zinchenko even joked with me: ‘that day I felt bad for you.’

I left Manchester City after Guardiola made me cry - Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus getting instructions from Pep Guardiola. Source: Getty “Two hours before the game, there’s a team talk, the team eats, rests for 30 minutes, and goes to the game. He told us the team, I didn’t even eat. I went straight to the room, crying, I called my mother to talk: ‘I want to leave.’ I’m going home, because he put [Zinchenko] on, and he didn’t put me on. He put a left-back there. I went crazy. “I didn’t warm up, I felt bad. Five minutes after [Kylian] Mbappe scored the goal for 1-0, [Guardiola] called me. I gave an assist and scored; we turned it around 2-1. In the next [Champions League] game [a 2-1 win at RB Leipzig], I thought I was going to play, and I didn’t play. “There was a lot of that with him [Guardiola], and it’s not easy. But one [player] evolves. It is really hard. That’s when I decided, I didn’t want to stay anymore. And I decided to leave.” Jesus joined City in January 2017 from Palmeiras and won 11 titles with the Manchester club. During his debut campaign at Arsenal, he scored 11 goals and set up seven more in 26 league appearances as they finished runners-up to City in the Premier League.

Bimpe Akintunde recounts daughter’s request for father figure that made her cry

"Marry so I can have a father" — Bimpe Akintunde recounts daughter’s advice that made her cry

Nollywood actress, Bimpe Akintunde marks the birthday of her daughter as she recounts how her request for a father figure brought tears to her eyes. In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Bimpe recounted the instances when her daughter persistently urged her to get married and confided in Bimpe’s sister about her longing for a father’s presence.

bimpe akintunde

Nollywood actress, Bimpe Akintunde. Credit: iambimpeakintunde / Instagram. Bimpe Akintunde disclosed that she was deeply saddened by her daughter’s words and would often cry, express her frustrations, and lament over her unsuccessful attempts. The Yoruba actress mentioned that her daughter consistently pleaded for younger siblings, to which she would advise her daughter to pray to God. Now, in the present, her daughter has found a father figure in Bimpe’s husband with whom she engaged some weeks ago.

bimpe akintunde daughter husband

Bimpe Akintunde’s daughter and her new husband. Credit: iambimpeakintunde / Instagram. Birthday note from Bimpe Akintunde to daughter “Dear Daughter, I want to Specially congratulate as Almighty choose to Answer your quest and prayers…..Do you know that @iamprincessamida knew I do not have A Husband? precisely When she was 5years old, she said n I quote ‘Only you will be sleeping on this bed Everyday!!!! You don’t have husband!!! Go and Marry o’ on this day, I cried!!!! “Same Time she told my Sister in Love ‘Assuming I have a Father now!!!’ I was devastated!! I cried, complained and lamented that after all I am trying my best for her, as she continue to grow she keeps asking for Siblings, every time she complains that is bored and need younger ones to play with , I told her to pray to God to send me A Good Husband.  “It was really hard on me!!! But I kept going, working, praying and Hoping God to send us a good man!!!!!!!!! And the Lord Answered our prayer and sent us A Real Life King HRM OBA YOUSUPH OLAWALE AKANNI GANIYU (OBA MINNESOTA USA). “Their bond is Admirable, @iamprincessamida is just like me , she get use to ppl easily but I Respect her Spirit because ones you Hurt me , Sweetie will not even Remember you nor ask after you. “As much as I am Happy am sure My Daughter is More Happier with this Special Gift from Almighty Allah 
Dear Daughter @iamprincessamida Congratulations as The Lord Bless you with A Great man As A Father and Guardian 🙏
And I want to say A very Big Thank you to My Darling Husbbby for Taking Sweetie as his own Daughter and showing her Fatherly Love 🙏🤍 May Almighty Allah make this journey Easy for us all 🙏🙏🙏🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Happy 1st Sunday of the Month fam 🤍”

“I still cry whenever I think of my son, Ifeanyi’s death”

still cry whenever I think of Ifeanyi’s death – Davido opens up

In a recent interview with Omega, renowned Afro brats artist David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, bravely shared his ongoing struggle with grief following the tragic passing of his son, Ifeanyi. It may be recalled that the young boy tragically drowned at Davido’s Banana Island mansion in October 2022, leaving the musician and his family devastated.

still cry whenever I think of Ifeanyi’s death – Davido opens up

Davido opens up on son, Ifeanyi death. Photo Credit: @davido Source: Instagram Davido expressed that the memory of his late son continues to bring tears to his eyes every morning, highlighting the profound impact the loss has had on him. During interview, he said many anticipated that his latest album, ‘Timeless,’ would reflect the sorrow he feels, but the artist chose to focus on creating upbeat and energetic tracks instead. He said; “I miss him every day, there are tears coming out of my eyes every morning, you don’t have to see it. “I look at myself in the mirror and I said apart from it just being about me, I know how many people love me, I know how many people are depending on me. “My son up there is looking down at me. Apart from me being strong for his mom, which is my primary responsibility, I have to be strong for the world.” The musician emphasized that his primary duty is to be strong for the mother of his late son, as he recognizes the profound loss she experienced. Additionally, Davido expresses believe that his son, Ifeanyi and his late mother, Mrs. Veronica Adeleke, are watching over him from heaven and even envision them joyfully dancing to his music.