It’s like nothing I’ve ever had

"It's like nothing have ever had" - Mer Eazi's wife, Temi Otedola tries Ghanaian fufu and palm nut soup

The wife of Nigerian singer, Mr Eazi, Temi Otedola has shared a video of herself enjoying Ghanaian fufu and palm nut soup for the first time. Mr Eazi one of the Nigerian artists and entrepreneurs was among the many celebrities who arrived in Ghana for the Detty December festivities last year alongside his wife. In a video sighted online, Temi was seen fawning over a Ghanaian dish as a way to end her tour in Ghana. Snails, chicken, and goat meat were served alongside Temi Otedola’s fufu and palm nut soup. Temi Otedola, wife of Mr. Eazi. source: Google Mr Eazi’s wife stated in the video that she prefers groundnut soup but would try the alternative in front of her if it was her last day after an eventful visit to Ghana. In the video, the Nigerian billionaire’s daughter dug into the fufu with her bare hands after kicking things off with a starter meal. According to her, the palm nut soup with the fufu combination was delicious, saying: “This is like nothing I’ve ever had.”  @temiotedola palm nut soup taste test ♬ original sound – Temi Otedola

“I’ve been making millions” – Lady who started business with N20k

"I've been making millions" - Lady who started business with N20k

A Nigerian lady who started a business with just N20,000 says she currently making millions as income from the business. According to the smart and resilient woman, she started the business years ago with the gain she made on her school fees from dad. A video showed her dancing happily after opening her shop years after surviving and training herself in school with dropshipping business. In her words: “A business I started with not up to N20k 5 years ago. The capital was from the money I gained from my dad on my school fees. “The same business paid my bills from 300lvl till I finished. It wasn’t easy but as a strong woman I was prepared for the worst. “After several shege from drivers while dropshipping from my vendor, I promise myself to get a walk in store. “Made my first N1 million in 2020 so I decided to get myself an iPhone 11 to step up my business game. Got myself a store March 2021. Was meant to be a birthday gift to myself but couldn’t make it up before the day. “Started two other businesses in 2019 and 2020 because I have enough capital then and making millions from my business.” Watch the video below: @ifemideluxe_01 Decided to share few of my business journey with small business owners Don’t quit that business it will bring you money maybe not now but someday! Don’t quit!!!!!!!!! #perfumevendorsinnigeria🇳🇬💕#smallbusinessideas#lucrativebusiness#fyp ♬ Ginger (Hype Yourself) – Voltage Of Hype

This is longest I’ve been single in my whole life

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Popular Nollywood actress, Olaide Oyedeji laments over being single for a long time, months following her divorce from her estranged husband with whom she has 4 kids. She took to her Instagram page to reveal that in the history of her life, this is the longest she has been single, and she’s beginning to become desperate.

Olaide Oyedeji single

Actress, Olaide Oyedeji. Photo source: Instagram. Olaide Oyedeji added that her desperation has become so much that she can accept any man that comes her way. Revealing that the single life isn’t for her, she told netizens not to be surprised if she brings up any man and tells them that she’s getting married to him. She wrote … “This is the longest I have been single in my whole life. And the singleness in me has chopped me. So you as a man don’t be surprised if you just ask me out now and I am already saying “Hey babe” and am already telling you “I love you”. There is a level your singleness will choke you. Don’t be surprised I can just bring up anybody and say I want to get married. All these men in my DM, I am already saying “Awwnnnn Oya now come and know my mummy” because this single life isn’t for me.” Folks on the internet have advised her to return to her husband now that he is still very much available. Tosin Sandra wrote, “It is not easy to see a real man from his heart with 4 children already. Just accept Baba Abike back, if he’s still available Adewale Oluwabukunmi said, “Better go back to your husband Bisoye Onanuga wrote, “Please give back to your hubby. He’s still single too, u both love each other. Gone are the days when you both market brands together. He loves you and I believe he’s still waiting for u, humble yourself for the sake of the children Folamix remarked, “You don’t know that there’s nothing on the street Kikiola commented, “Just do confirm family planning and enjoy your life sis. Oluwafunmilayo Omotee wrote, “Have you ever been single so they another people’s relationship go dey vex you”. Watch the video below …

I’ve never dated guy that didn’t want marry me Lolade

Lolade Okusanya dated marry broken up

Lolade Okusanya dated marry broken up

Popular actress, Lolade Okusanya says that no man has ever broken up with her as she reveals why she dumped her three past relationships that were on the verge of marriage. Lolade made the disclosure while she was speaking in a recent interview with media personality, Debbie Shokoya.

Lolade Okusanya dated marry broken up

Lolade Okusanya. Photo source: Instagram. According to her, none of her past partners had ever broken up with her; Instead, she had been the one doing the dumping. She said that three relationships that she had been in, in the past, had been on the verge of marriage before she ended it because she was too afraid of marriage. Lolade Okusanya said: “Nobody has ever broken up with me, I broke up with all my exes. I’m not proud of it. “The three relationships were all closed to marriage when I broke up with all of them. I was scared of marriage at that time. I have never dated a guy that didn’t want to marry me.”

“I was a London tailor before skit making, I’ve been funny from birth” – Carter Efe

"I was a London tailor before skit making, I've been funny from birth" – Carter Efe

Renowned Nigerian skit creator and musician, Oderhwo Joseph Efe, widely recognized as Carter Efe, discloses his background hustle as a tailor before achieving stardom. In a recent appearance on the Hip TV show “Trending,” hosted by reality star Kim Oprah, Carter Efe shared insights into his journey from being a tailor to becoming a notable figure in the world of skit making and music. The ‘Machala‘ singer emphasized that his comedic talent was natural, expressing a lifelong love for art that led him to pursue tailoring at a certain stage in his life. Carter Efe speaks on humble beginnings, from being a tailor to making skits

“I have been funny right from birth. I’ve been doing stand-up comedy since I was in school. During break time, I would just stand in front of the class and start making people laugh. “I was a London tailor, ‘Obioma’, before I ventured into skit making. I love art. For example, I edit my skits by myself. I told my dad one day that I wanted to learn tailoring. He said what of my education and I insisted that I want to learn tailoring because I love creativity. I didn’t even spend up to six months before learning how to sew. “When I was learning tailoring, sometimes I would lie to my boss that I was sick and go to shoot a skit. Then I will come back in the afternoon. He still punished me. He would tell me to kneel. I would kneel till the end of the day. “Until one day, Broda Shaggi posted a challenge on Instagram: he said everybody should vibe to a song. Back then I was in Delta State. I said let me just vibe to it and I vibed to the song then I came out first. I won PS5. “Shaggi said I should come to Lagos to receive my prize. When I collected the PS5, I sold it for about N300,000. Then I decided to stay back in Lagos. I was using the N300,000 for transport fares to go to locations to shoot my skit. I was staying with one of my friends then.”

I’ve been trying my best to provide for her

'I've been trying my best to provide for her" - Man begs for donations of shoes and clothes for orphan girl

A Nigerian man, Yiga Micheal, has reached out for help in meeting the needs of an orphan girl named Justina, whom he is currently caring for. Micheal, who shared poignant pictures with Justina on social media, revealed that the 14-year-old is presently with a relative in Makoko, Lagos, where she is learning tailoring. Expressing his concern for Justina’s well-being, Micheal disclosed that he has been actively involved in providing for her and several other children.

'I've been trying my best to provide for her

He made a heartfelt appeal to the public, specifically seeking assistance with clothing and shoes suitable for the young girl. According to Micheal, Justina’s education was unfortunately cut short at the primary school level. He explained that the government school in her area was located far from her residence, and the nearby private school, while more accessible, proved to be financially burdensome. As a result, Justina was unable to continue her education beyond the primary level. The man said; “The govt school is far from her place and she’ll spend at least 700 daily, while the private sec school is close, but the school fees price is on the high side. Therefore, we are looking to place her in a secondary school that will be close to home, as she’s staying with her last relationship and is currently learning tailoring.” In addition to the educational challenges, Micheal also appealed to the public for donations of clothes and shoes suitable for a 14-year-old girl. Micheal ended his request by introducing Justina on social media, stressing the sad fact that she lost both her parents. “Everyone, meet Justina, Age 14. She lost both parents, and I have been trying my best to fend for her and also for the other kids as well. Please, if you have really cool clothes and shoes that you can give out to her, please reach out,” he added. Netizens Reactions… @MohammedAH57323 said; “Seeing what this man is doing make me feel human again, and believe that humanity will always win. Keep doing your good job man.” @Emson__Manuel said; “Sometimes I wonder: “Where are the feminists that say they liberating women? “They only care about things that don’t go their way.  “Still MEN out there tryna better the world.” @Ezeks_victor said; “God bless you and reward you for this humane work you’re doing. “I never knew you have this humane touch, even as you were ruthless with “Sanusi Ekwensu” lately. “Once again thanks & kudos to you.” @Tracyjewel_ said; “Thank you for sharing her story Michael, and all you do. “I have a bunch of clothes she can wear, plus shoes and sneakers that should be her size. “I’ll bring them in the new year, alongside a new set of empty bottles.”  @_ekenonymous said; “Oh hey Micheal. I have a ton of clothes I’ve been needing to give out, but it would be in January. Is that okay?”  See below;

I’ve been dragged for the past two years, I no dey fear dragging

Yul Edochie, Nollywood actor. source: Instagram

Yul Edochie, Nollywood actor. source: Instagram

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has disclosed that he is not moved by the insults and drags he gets on daily basis by online in-laws. Yul addressed the criticisms he has encountered over the last two years surrounding his second marriage to fellow actress Judy in a riveting piece on White Pearl Studios TV. He expressed, fearlessly, that he is unafraid of criticism and prefers not to engage in the bad comments that flood his online domain. Recall that social media cught fire after Yul Edochie took to his page to break the news of his affair with Judy Austin and the child they welcome out of their affiar.

Yul Edochie, Nollywood actor. source: Instagram A lot of social media users dagged him on his page and has still been dagging him even after two years. Accoding to him, he has never been moved by the insults because unmarried people cannot advise a 41 year old man what to do with his life. His words; “People have been dragging for the past two years, I no dey fear dragging, I don’t even read all those things they write about me, I have spent 18 years in Nollywood, these are young people, I am 41, someone who is 23, 24 is trying to teach me how to live my life, someone who is not married is trying to tell me how to leave my life.” 

“I’ve dated seven people, none married me” – Tolanibaj blames men

"I’ve dated seven people, none married me" – Tolanibaj blames men

Big Brother Naija reality star and disc jockey, Tolanibaj laments how all the seven men she had dated in the past ended up dumping her after a while. Speaking in the latest episode of the Bahd And Boujee Podcast co-hosted by her and actress Moet Abebe, revealed how she has dated seven and thought every one of them was her future husband but they always left her.

"I’ve dated seven people, none married me" – Tolanibaj blames men

Tolanibaj concluded that what is now left in the dating pool is “remnants,” stressing that all the good men are taken. “I feel like in the dating pool, we are left with remnants. The good ones are married. We hopped on the train too late. I have dated like seven guys and I thought they were the ones,” she said. A guest on the podcast, actor Daniel Etim-Effiong, added his voice by suggesting that it was not a mistake that all seven men dumped her if she was perfect. “Tbaj, the problem can not be all these seven guys. Maybe, the problem is you. And I bet they were more than seven,” she said. It is worth noting that Tolanibja once publicly declared that all she brings to a relationship is her sweet psssy. Watch the video below … “The probl£m might be you,” Actor Etim Effiong tells DJ TolaniBaj after she disclosed that she has been with seven guys who she thought were ‘the one’ 📹: @bahdandboujeepod — Instablog9ja (@instablog9ja) December 2, 2023

“I’ve experienced different phases of mental breakdown” – Orezi finally breaks silence after losing his N300M house to fire

Orezi house fire silence

Orezi house fire silence

Popular singer, Orezi speaks for the first time after his house, reportedly worth 300 million naira, got burnt in fire outbreak, as he opens up on going through a mental breakdown over his loss. Two nights ago, it was reported that his palatial house was gutted by fire which broke out. His predicament appears to be similar to that of AY Makun whose Lagos home also got destroyed in fire accident.

Orezi house fire silence

Orezi. Fans and colleagues expressed their condolence over the loss of his expensive house; some offered words of encouragement and support to him. Orezi has finally come online to speak on the issue. He started off by expressing his profoundest of gratitude to everyone who had reached out in one way or another to offer words of encouragement and showed concern.

Orezi house fire silence

Orezi’s gutted living room. Orezi mentioned that he had gone through different stages of mental breakdown since the fire incident. He voiced his gratitude to God for not letting life be lost in the fire as he tried to make light of his situation by noting that he just wants to blow, and not his house blowing. Watch video below … Orezi speaks for the first time since his house got burnt 😩 — Dami’ Adenuga (@DAMIADENUGA) November 30, 2023

“I’ve lost over 300k” – Woman selling frozen food cries out amid power outage, shares heartbreaking video of spoiled goods

"I've lost over 300k" - Woman selling frozen food cries out amid power outage, shares heartbreaking video of spoiled goods

A Nigerian woman based in Owerri, identified as @zinnysfarmandseafood, has shared the brutal impact of a 14-day power blackout in Imo State on her frozen food business. Despite spending a substantial amount on fuel in a bid to salvage her inventory, the entrepreneur faced financial losses exceeding N300,000 within just a few days. @zinnysfarmandseafood, who specializes in selling frozen food items, revealed that the lack of electricity during the prolonged blackout led to the damaging of some of her goods.

Faced with this challenging situation, she decided to take strategic action to mitigate further losses. The business owner made the bold move to relocate her market to a cold room in Port Harcourt, ensuring the preservation of her goods amidst the power outage. Expressing her ordeal, she shared her relief that the power outage was eventually resolved after enduring a considerable period of suffering.

Despite the setback, she expressed gratitude that not all of her inventory was affected. “I think these last few days have been the toughest for me in business, but we move. 14 days of power blackout, and I spent so much buying fuel, yet some of my market got damaged,” “But all the same, I am grateful that not all [are] damaged, and they finally called off the strike. But that was after I moved my market to a cold room in Port Harcourt. “I have recorded over 300k losses in a few days, but that’s what business owners see. NIGERIA HAS HAPPENED TO ME” Woman said. Netizens Reactions… @sha–kol247 said; “Story of my life. Just last month, my shop is currently closed. turkey, chicken and other frozen went bad–4deep freezers.” @Annic enterprises said; “But solar will help out.” @vicky reacted: “My own is just one fridge I almost cried that day, I was so frustrated that I even told my husband am not doing again.”  @billsxchange reacted; “Buy mikano lister small size. That’s what u need to power they freezers well cause de need more strength to get it blocked.” @user6356981591168 said; “So sorry. Even me in my house I use gen almost every day due to the heat the country is frustrating.” See below; @zinnysfarmandseafood I think this last few days has been the toughest for me in business but we move.. 14days power blackout and I spent some much in buying fuel yet some of my market got damaged 😭😭 But all the same am grateful that not all damaged and they finally called off the strike but that was after I moved my market to a cold room in port harcourt 😭😭😭 I have recorded over 300k losses in few days but thats what business owners see😏😏😏NIGERIA HAS HAPPENED TO ME😡 We are currently unavailable now but we will resume fully on Saturday 🙏 #businessowner #businessinowerri #vendors #owerritiktokers❤️❤️ #owerribusiness #owerribusinesswomen #owerribusinessowners #owerriblogs #seafood #seafoodlover #frozenfood ♬ original sound – ziny_c